Economic Outlook- 2022 – Last One Third – United States

Background Let us be honest, in the United States the economy outlook is diming a bit. Outline Inflation Federal Reserve Jerome Powell Geo-Political Great unwinding Russia China Industries Impacted Semi-Conductor   Inflation Federal Reserve Jerome Powell, Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Economic conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming ( 2022 - August ) Jerome Powell says Fed … Continue reading Economic Outlook- 2022 – Last One Third – United States

Chicago, Illinois:- Corporate Headquarter losses – 2022 – Summer

Background The Summer of 2022 has been a bit hard on the business front for the city of Chicago, Illinois. Here are some of the companies that have said, "Kaput, we are out!".   Businesses Relocating Head-Quarters Company Industry Leaving For Announced Boeing Aerospace, Defense Chicago, Illinois Arlington, Virginia 2022-May-5th Caterpillar Construction-equipment Manufacturer Deerfield, Illinois … Continue reading Chicago, Illinois:- Corporate Headquarter losses – 2022 – Summer

Ray & Barbara Dalio :- Giving

Profile Image Textual At first, we experienced the worry about not being able to take care of the basics. When we earned more money, we experienced relief and then the diminishing benefits of having more money. We learned that beyond having enough money to help secure the basics – quality relationships, health, stimulating ideas, etc. … Continue reading Ray & Barbara Dalio :- Giving

Renaissance Technologies

Background As I browsed the Internet, found out that Robert Mercer is giving up his day job as a CEO. And, returning to being a researcher. Tradition His trajectory follows that of some before him. Notably Bill Gates, at 55 years old, self demoted from Microsoft CEO to Founder and Technology Adviser. And, Larry Ellison … Continue reading Renaissance Technologies

Church in Society – 2016/Oct

Donald Trump & Religious Leaders Donald Trump Meets with Religious Leaders, Including Robert Jeffress Published On: 2016-Sept-30 Link Praying for Trump at Black Church: Pastors Pray for Donald Trump in Cleveland to be US President Donald Trump, Mike Pence campaign with Don King, Ben Carson at Cleveland Heights church. Donald Trump Remarks at Church in … Continue reading Church in Society – 2016/Oct