Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Day 02

Background More on whether current conditions are indicative of "Gog and Magog" war.   Lineage Here are preceding posts:- General Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog? Link Dr. Michael Heiser Dr. Michael S. Heiser:- Ezekiel 38/39 ( Gog & Magog ) Link Blog Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Revelation 20 … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Day 02

Our Lady of Fátima:- Consecration of a Nation

Background This is another tough subject matter. Actually, very tough. May God cover each of our heads. Especially, as we place ourselves and lives in his service. And, his service alone.   Stories Wikipedia Link Private Versus Public Revelation Categorized as private revelation The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church distinguishes between "public Revelation" and … Continue reading Our Lady of Fátima:- Consecration of a Nation

Roger Wilkins

Background Ever so uniquely in life, you get someone worthy on the witness stand. And, you say, please speak your truth. They agree to do so sensing that you are equally worthy and that your intent is not to use them as a hostile witness. This interview is one of those times.   Portrait   … Continue reading Roger Wilkins

Donald Trump:- Vaccine

Background One has to give our 45th president, Donald Trump, tremendous and heart-felt credit for speaking out loudly, boldly, strongly, and clearly on the efficacy of Covid Vaccines.   Twitter Donald Trump: 'The Vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind' Profile Donald Trump: 'The Vaccine is one of the greatest achievements of mankind' … Continue reading Donald Trump:- Vaccine

BBC:- Apple Versus NSO Group

  Stories BBC:- Apple sues Israeli spyware firm NSO Group Link Apple is suing Israeli spyware firm NSO Group and its parent company for allegedly targeting iPhone users with a hacking tool. NSO's Pegasus software can infect both iPhones and Android devices, allowing operators to extract messages, photos, and emails, record calls, and secretly activate … Continue reading BBC:- Apple Versus NSO Group

Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Introduction To say the Church, at least the prophetic arm, is not getting much sleep these days is to put it very mildly.   Videos Marcus Rogers He Kept Getting Angry That I Wouldn't Open The Door For Him Profile I had an encounter with Joe Biden in my dream. You must listen to this … Continue reading Christianity & The Prophetic:- 2021/October

Judge Lauren Lake:- Paternity Court

    Videos Miller / Wright v White Profile Miller / Wright v White: An Atlanta, GA woman has a father-daughter relationship with two men, both who believe adamantly that they are her father. She comes to court to finally have the truth revealed. Season 3, Episode 64 Episode Aired 2015-November-18th Participants Miranda Miller Kenny … Continue reading Judge Lauren Lake:- Paternity Court