Cellphone:- App – Scam Shield – Installation

Background I have been getting too many robocalls and robotexts. Tools There are a few tools that can help arrest these intrusions. Let us speak on some of them:- Government Agencies ( Federal Trade Commission -  FTC ) Do not call list Smart Phone Apps Telecommunication & Wireless Network Provider App AT & T AT&T … Continue reading Cellphone:- App – Scam Shield – Installation

Psychic Investigators

Videos A Psychic for the Defense Listing Season 2 Episode 15 Videos Psychic Investigators | A Psychic for the Defense | Season 2 Episode 15 | Curious?: True Heroes Channel:- Curious?: True Heroes Date Published:- 2022-June-20th Date Added:- 2022-June-23rd Link Why Did LA Police Believe This Psychic Was A Cold-Blooded Killer? Listing Videos Why Did … Continue reading Psychic Investigators

The Remnant Radio:- Chris Reed

Videos Critique - Remnant Radio Chris Reed Responds To Our Critiques Videos Video #1 Channel:- The Remnant Radio Date Published:- 2022-June-8th Date Added:- 2022-June-9th Link Prophecies NEW Prophetic Words from an angelic visitation/Chris Reed/5/13/22 Videos Video #1 Channel:- Chris Reed Ministries Date Published:- 2022-May-15th Date Added:- 2022-June-9th Link Video Introduction Critique - Remnant Radio Chris … Continue reading The Remnant Radio:- Chris Reed

Robb Elementary Shooting, Uvalde, Texas – 2022-May-24th

Videos Incidents News Media ABC ABC News BREAKING NEWS: As many as 14 dead in Texas elementary school shooting I ABC News Channel:- ABC News Date Published:- 2022-May-24th Date Added:- 2022-May-24th Link CBS CBS News Live Coverage: Latest on Texas school shooting; 14 students and 1 teacher killed Channel:- CBS News Date Published:- 2022-May-24th Date … Continue reading Robb Elementary Shooting, Uvalde, Texas – 2022-May-24th

Canelo Vs Bivol:- 2022 ( Cinco de Mayo Weekend )

Fight Bio Attribute Canelo Álvarez Dmitry Bivol Nationality Mexico Russia/Korea Coach Eddy Reynoso ( Mexico National ) Gennadiy Mashyanov Taylor Ramsdell - Strength & Conditioning Coach ( @taylor_ramsdell ) Joel Díaz ( Mexico National - Brother of Antonio Díaz and former world champion Julio Díaz ) Manager Eddy Reynoso Vadim Kornilov Fight Promotion Matchroom:- Eddie … Continue reading Canelo Vs Bivol:- 2022 ( Cinco de Mayo Weekend )

Ray Dalio:- 2022 – April

Videos A conversation with Larry Summers and Ray Dalio | Politico 15 Conversations Profile Much in the world has changed since POLITICO launched in 2007. What will we confront over the next 15 years? In the first installment of our Conversations series, focusing on finance and competition, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers sits down with … Continue reading Ray Dalio:- 2022 – April

Emily Bruner:- Income Sharing Agreement

Background Emily Bruner agreed to a $30,000 income-sharing agreement with a for-profit coding boot camp.   Personhood Emily Bruner signed an ISA with Lambda School on June 29, 2019, while she was living in New Mexico. Agreement She took out $30,000 for Lambda's six- and 12-month computer science programs. Ms. Bruner started school in September … Continue reading Emily Bruner:- Income Sharing Agreement

African America:- In Wealth

Background According to DW ( Deutsche Welle ), a German broadcaster, the United States is home to the most successful African Americans in the world.   Videos DW Documentary America's Black upper class - Rich, successful and empowered | DW Documentary Videos Video #1 Channel:- DW Documentary Date Published:- 2022-March-18th Date Added:- 2022-March-27th Link Video … Continue reading African America:- In Wealth

Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Day 02

Background More on whether current conditions are indicative of "Gog and Magog" war.   Lineage Here are preceding posts:- General Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog? Link Dr. Michael Heiser Dr. Michael S. Heiser:- Ezekiel 38/39 ( Gog & Magog ) Link Blog Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Revelation 20 … Continue reading Prophetic Timeline – Gog & Magog – My Take – Day 02

Our Lady of Fátima:- Consecration of a Nation

Background This is another tough subject matter. Actually, very tough. May God cover each of our heads. Especially, as we place ourselves and lives in his service. And, his service alone.   Stories Wikipedia Link Private Versus Public Revelation Categorized as private revelation The teaching of the Roman Catholic Church distinguishes between "public Revelation" and … Continue reading Our Lady of Fátima:- Consecration of a Nation