Divorce Court:- Episodes – 2023/April

Videos Divorce Court - Lynn Toler Divorce Court - Chelsea vs. Victor - Financial Burden - Season 15, Episode 52 - Full Episode Profile She says she used to find their racial differences interesting, but since he was attacked and put in the hospital for four months, it has caused a lot of tension; he … Continue reading Divorce Court:- Episodes – 2023/April

Crime:- 2023 – March

Videos Philadelphia, PA Sgt. Chris Fitzgerald - Temple Police Officer Shooting ( Philadelphia, PA ) Virgil The Philadelphia Inquirer Slain Temple cop Christopher Fitzgerald’s widow delivers an emotional speech at vigil Profile Marissa Fitzgerald, wife of slain Temple police officer Christopher Fitzgerald, delivers an emotional speech at Temple vigil on Feb. 21, 2023. Read more … Continue reading Crime:- 2023 – March