Paolo Banchero On Kevin Durant

Videos JJ Redick Paolo Banchero On Getting Humbled By Guarding Kevin Durant Profile In this clip, Paolo Banchero (The Orlando Magic) talks about how difficult it is to guard Kevin Durant (The Brooklyn Nets). Subscribe to The Old Man and The Three podcast w/ JJ Redick (ESPN / First Take) and Tommy Alter YouTube channel … Continue reading Paolo Banchero On Kevin Durant

Tom Holmoe:- “Love one another”

Link Story Racial Tension 2020 - Fall In the fall of 2020, and in the face of significant racial tensions across the country, our BYU football players chose to focus on the theme “Love One Another.” Virtually every BYU student has sung that refrain during Sunday worship. This Christ-centered message should guide us as we … Continue reading Tom Holmoe:- “Love one another”

Rachel Richardson, A Student Athlete

Lineage Rachel Richardson Rachel Richardson ( Meet ) Published On:- 2022-August-27th Link Videos ESPN 2022-August-30th Rachel Richardson praises BYU AD for his actions following racial slur incident Profile Rachel Richardson praises BYU AD for his actions following racial slur incident Duke volleyball player Rachel Richardson recounts a series of racial slurs yelled at her during … Continue reading Rachel Richardson, A Student Athlete

Rachel Richardson

Background Rachel Richardson plays vasity Volleyball at Duke.   do ’TERRA Classic As we begin a new college sports season, there are invitational events. One of those is the  do ’TERRA Classic. This year Duke played BYU at the Smith fieldhouse, Provo, Utah.   Incident During the game, whenever Rachel Richardson served the ball she … Continue reading Rachel Richardson

Mackenzie Mgbako:- Student-Athlete ( Duke Bound )

Family Daphney Mgbako ( Mother ) Haitian Immigrant Cyprian Mgbako ( Father ) Nigerian Immigrant Ethan Mgbako ( Brother )   Videos Mackenzie Mgbako YouTube Life The “UNCUT” series - Zachary Remy & Dave Lam "UNCUT" series: Episode.1 Mackenzie Mgbako Profile The “UNCUT” series was created by myself and skills trainer Dave Lam to dive … Continue reading Mackenzie Mgbako:- Student-Athlete ( Duke Bound )

Gabby Thomas, Athletics & “Pact with God”

Bio Gabby Thomas is the daughter of Desmond Thomas and Jennifer Randall. Desmond Thomas and Jennifer Randall Desmond Thomas is of Jamaican Ancestry. And, Jeniffer Randall is American. Desmond Thomas and Jeniffer Randall met while both were studying at Duke University in the 1990s. Desmond Thomas played football at Duke University. Jennifer Randall has a … Continue reading Gabby Thomas, Athletics & “Pact with God”