LaTonya Taylor Allen & Nathan Holden

Background Nathan Holden was convicted of shooting the mother of his children, Latonya Taylor Allen. LaTonya Taylor Allen was shot in the face and chest before the gun was jammed. Upon the gun jamming, she was beaten with the butt of the pistol. Minutes before, Latonya Taylor Allen's parents, Angelia Smith Taylor and Sylvester Taylor, … Continue reading LaTonya Taylor Allen & Nathan Holden

WRAL:- UNC-Chapel Hill ( CH ) – “A difficult place”

Prologue As I lay in bed I visited Google News and scrolled through some of the stories. I came across an important column courtesy of Praveena Somasundaram. The article speaks plenty on its own, and I will withhold comments.   Story 'A difficult place, a time of opportunity:' UNC-CH dealing with exodus of top leaders … Continue reading WRAL:- UNC-Chapel Hill ( CH ) – “A difficult place”