Jerry Jones, Alexandra Davis:- Paternity Discussion

Background Jerry Jones knows good investment opportunities. In 1989, he brought America's Team, The Dallas Cowboys, for $150 million. As of today, December 2022, the Dallas Cowboys is worth $8 billion dollars. About 27 years ago, in 1995, Jerry Jones met Cynthia Spencer Davis. At the time, Cynthia Davis was an American Airlines Ticket Agent. … Continue reading Jerry Jones, Alexandra Davis:- Paternity Discussion

48 Hours

Background Shortie and I is in a good place. But, I don't know if it is sanctimony, scarcity, or scared-ness that has me feeling this way. Video Here are some courtesy of 48 Hours wishing they could do it over again! Michael Tardio, Christopher Monson,┬áMark Yagalla Participants:- Michael Tardio Christopher Monson Mark Yagalla, Wall Street … Continue reading 48 Hours