Judge Mathis:- 2023 – March

Videos Car Accident King of Double Standards Profile The plaintiff says she dated the defendant off and on for years, but he cheated the whole time and even had two pregnancy scares with other women. She’s suing her ex for car repairs and the cost of a car rental. The defendant says the plaintiff constantly … Continue reading Judge Mathis:- 2023 – March

Judge Mathis:- 2022 – October

Videos Friends with Benefits Gone Sour Profile The plaintiff says after she started dating the defendant, she loaned him money to buy equipment for his radio station. The plaintiff hosted a show for his station, and in lieu of payment for the studio time, the defendant said he would deduct it from the money he … Continue reading Judge Mathis:- 2022 – October

Judge Mathis:- 2022 – April ( 2nd Half )

Videos 2022 - January A Total Disaster of an Accident Profile The plaintiff dated the defendant, but they have since broken up. The plaintiff says he and the defendant were driving in his new car, but she grabbed his steering wheel and caused them to drive across four lanes of traffic and hit a fire … Continue reading Judge Mathis:- 2022 – April ( 2nd Half )

Judge Mathis:- 2022 – April

Videos 2022 - March One-Night Stand Leads to DNA Test Profile The plaintiff recently found out he might have a biological son after having a one-night stand nearly 40 years ago. He said he is devastated he never knew he might have a child. He petitioned the court for a DNA test. The defendant says … Continue reading Judge Mathis:- 2022 – April

Judge Greg Mathis – 2021

Videos ‘Kicking It’ with Other Men Profile The plaintiff says she and the defendant have dated off and on for five years. They have two kids and a third on the way, but she claims her ex has doubts about their paternity. She’s suing him for car damages. The defendant says his ex got pregnant … Continue reading Judge Greg Mathis – 2021

Judge Greg Mathis

  Videos Daddy's Girl Profile The plaintiff is petitioning the court for a paternity test to determine whether he is the father of the defendant. Warning: the outcome may make you cry. Participants Brian Dixon Bre Kephart  Videos Video #1 Channel :- Judge Mathis Published On :- 2019-July-4th Link Tags Mom is ex-cop China Culture … Continue reading Judge Greg Mathis