Bill Torpy:- Another Victim of the Long Ago Night

  Background Reviewing clicks on our blog this morning. Noticed that there were a couple of clicks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ( AJC). Clicks Here are the clicks ... Blogging Links Blogging comes with responsibilities. One has to check referenced web links and determine if they are still active. If not active, one checks to … Continue reading Bill Torpy:- Another Victim of the Long Ago Night

American Justice

  Videos American Justice A Soldier's Secret Videos American Justice: Perceived Gay Soldier is Brutally Murdered (S13, E8) | Full Episode | A&E Channel:- A&E Published On:- 2022-September-18th Added On:- 2022-October-2nd Demoted On:- 2023-January-24th Link A gay private in the US army is bludgeoned to death by fellow soldiers Channel:- Anthony Dukes Published On:- 2017-Oct-30th … Continue reading American Justice