Twitter:- Shallow Thoughts

Background I just googled and read a tweet.   Tweet The tweet speaks to the difference between meditation disciplines. How one discipline is good and the other not so good.   Issues Unfortunately, Tweets have the following shortcomings. Emptying of the mind Tweets offer a quick emptying of the mind One always has to suspect, … Continue reading Twitter:- Shallow Thoughts

Omarr K. Rambert, April Daniels, LaShawn Daniels

  Videos Omarr K. Rambert, April Daniels, LaShawn Daniels California Bar Exam - Passed Twitter Video #1 Link Instagram Video #1 Link God will take care of you Instagram Video #1 Link My Love will never be the same Instagram Video #1 Link Le'Andria Johnson God Will Take Care of You YouTube Video #1 Channel:- … Continue reading Omarr K. Rambert, April Daniels, LaShawn Daniels

Jeffrey Snover:- Tweets

Tweet 2020-11-21 Character is fate.   2020-11-22 By Bringing the world together, social media is tearing it apart. 2020-11-25 For most things, case-sensitivity is a poor engineering choice. 2020-11-10 I know Ian means this somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but his point is rock solid. If the Democrats cannot engineer a wave under a leader as controversial and … Continue reading Jeffrey Snover:- Tweets

Tim Keller Tweets

Balance Tim Keller continues to impress me with his ability to balance theology with the burdens of Little Joe and beaten down Johanna. Scripture Damon Thompson Faith for a Kairos Moment Model that those that been forgiven much, love much [ Segment 20 ] Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven -- … Continue reading Tim Keller Tweets