Samba :- Linux & Windows Integration

Background Mid last week as I was returning home received a word. It read :- The Linux Host is not accessible and the Linux Subsystem on our Window 10 desktop is not working either.   Working Through Windows 10 Linux Subsystem Looked at the Windows 10 Subsystem and the issue appears to be newbie issues. … Continue reading Samba :- Linux & Windows Integration

LinkedIn – Invitations – Grooming

Background As times goes by I find myself really been impressed in someone's work or really just want to keep in touch with them post our current interaction. Other times it is someone I worked with in the past and I need to ask them a quick question and so I seek them out via … Continue reading LinkedIn – Invitations – Grooming

LinkedIn – Customization – Who can view your Connections?

Background Ever few weeks, I receive an unsolicited requests to add a new person to my LinkedIn Connections. I review it and if I know that person, I add them in. Depending on my gut feelings, I will either add an invitee I do not know, or sit on it for a while. If I … Continue reading LinkedIn – Customization – Who can view your Connections?

LinkedIn – Deleting own comments

Background A friend recently celebrated a Work Anniversary.  And, per my LinkedIn email notification settings, I received an email advising me of same. As someone who believes in championing the work ethics of friends, I sent out little quips to each of them. But, as always I over shared.  And, I suppose cunningly Social Media … Continue reading LinkedIn – Deleting own comments