Tobi Arayomi, On Gossip

Background Looking through twitter feeds and ran into one. I think one of those mantras I can ill afford not to live on.   Tweets Link     Similar Words Proverbs 3:21 - The Blessings of Wisdom ( Link ) Berean Study Bible 21 My son, do not lose sight of this: Preserve sound … Continue reading Tobi Arayomi, On Gossip

Marc Benioff:- In Words – Trust

Words “I hope you will agree it is also disappointing that our private conversations here were almost immediately given to the public media,” he wrote. “I wonder how do we reinforce that Trust is our highest company value? How do we demonstrate the power of Trust and Transparency without an immediate public disclosure. It gets … Continue reading Marc Benioff:- In Words – Trust

Kyrie Irving:- Tweets and Instagram Posts

Background Please allow me to post a short personal commentary on recent Kyrie Irving's tweets and instagram posts.   Outline Here are the areas that we will cover:- Personal Story Tweets Personal Take Sport League Take Civil Rights Personal Story Mother Line Link Elizabeth (née Larson) Irving is part African American and Part Lakota Indian. … Continue reading Kyrie Irving:- Tweets and Instagram Posts

Twitter:- Shallow Thoughts

Background I just googled and read a tweet.   Tweet The tweet speaks to the difference between meditation disciplines. How one discipline is good and the other not so good.   Issues Unfortunately, Tweets have the following shortcomings. Emptying of the mind Tweets offer a quick emptying of the mind One always has to suspect, … Continue reading Twitter:- Shallow Thoughts