Yadah, Praise & Wordship

What is in a name? Wikipedia Link Yadah is the third person singular qal form of the Hebrew language verbal root ydh. Depending on its conjugation, it carries a range of meanings involving throwing or praising. In the qal form, it describes the "shooting" of arrows in Jeremiah 50:14. The piel form means "throwing" (as … Continue reading Yadah, Praise & Wordship

Joshua Selman:- 2022 – October

Videos Praise Songs Yadah - Beyond Me Apostle Joshua Selman - You Look Beyond Me Segment Videos Video #1 Date Published:- 2022-September-25th Date Added:- 2022-September-25th Link Full Videos Video #1 Channel:- Yadah Date Published:- 2022-February-24th Date Added:- 2022-September-25th Link Destiny Helpers 4 TYPES OF DESTINY HELPERS AND HOW TO INVOKE THEM | APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN … Continue reading Joshua Selman:- 2022 – October