Thank You Lord, In Music

Videos Country Brett Eldredge Raymond Profile Songwriters: Crisler Truman Bradley / Eldredge Brett Ryan Album:- Bring you back Year:- 2013 Videos Brett Eldredge - Raymond (Official Music Video) Channel:- Brett Eldredge Published On:- 2010-October-4th Added On:- 2021-October-26th Link Randy Travis Three Wooden Crosses Profile Song Writer:- Kim Williams / Doug Johnson Videos Randy Travis & … Continue reading Thank You Lord, In Music

Joe Nichols

Videos Things Like that Album :- Revelation, 2004 Videos Things Like That (These Days) Channel :- officialjoenichols Published On :- 2018-July-29th Link Joe Nichols - The Impossible (Official Music Video) Album :- Man with a Memory, 2002 Videos Joe Nichols - The Impossible (Official Music Video) Channel :- officialjoenichols Published On :- 2009-Oct-7th Link Joe Nichols … Continue reading Joe Nichols

Lamar Odom – “What Can Grow Even From There”

Introduction Everyone has a ministry and there are obstacles that come along to take one off Living it! I really like this story by Lee Jenkins as it captures the personhood of Lamar Odom.   Sports Illustrated ( SI ) - Lee Jenkins take on Lamar Odom - March 23, 2009 LEE JENKINS Link Wednesday October … Continue reading Lamar Odom – “What Can Grow Even From There”

Ken Henderson – Aging Champion

Stories Haidong Ji In Memory of Ken Henderson Link There’s a lesson to be learned here, and it has to do with the value of humility. Becoming arrogant and walling yourself off from the “little people” in the world is a fast ticket to stagnation. It’s a good way to stop growing professionally. There are … Continue reading Ken Henderson – Aging Champion