James Taylor


Ever since Usher we have all been confessing.  So let me join in.


J.T. Taylor

I never quite liked James Taylor.  I think the reason is that he was James Taylor before “Kool and The Gang’s” J.T. Taylor.  I really like Kool and Gang and wanted it’s front man to have that name.


James Taylor

But then I like Indie.Arie and loved her rendition of “Secret of Life”:

Secret of Life


And, this morning heard Dixie Chick’s “Shower the People” and James and Mark Knopfler’s – “Sailing to Philadelphia”:

Shower The People

Mark Knopfler & James Taylor – Sailing to Philadelphia
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHXhc5FLbs0  ( Striked out on 2016-08-04 )
Link ( Added on 2016-08-04 )
Link ( Added on 2016-08-29 )

Carole King James Taylor – So far away [ Added on 2014.12.18 ]


And, yes you read that right the same Mark Knopfler of Dire Strait’s fame.

There are some people that make it hard to root against them, James Taylor is one of them.

A quick read of the links that are noted in the Reference section talks about the healing grace of family, friends, and music.

In public, I am happy to oblige James Taylor and allow him his name.



James Taylor


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