Kobe Bryant

Tribute Called Sometimes in the middle of wanting it bad Fighting so hard The reason, the premise Is sometimes lost Pride Pride is a funny thing When one knows one is called Others Called Is sometimes lost One just thinks I can do this I can get it My shoulders is big enough Is Broad … Continue reading Kobe Bryant

Colicchie – Hold On Pain Ends ( HOPE )

Background This is for my new Sister, Damara. She lost her sis when that ghost pressed the wrong pedal Videos Colicchie - Come Back Home Colicchie " H.O.P.E " Hold On Pain Ends Channel :- Colicchie Published On :- 2016-June-22nd Link Lyrics Colicchie - Come Back Home Link Image Text   I remember when I did … Continue reading Colicchie – Hold On Pain Ends ( HOPE )

Words Said

Background There has been so much said in the last few days. Sometimes it is not quite topical. It is really just people hijacking issues and wanting something to say. Whether it is school shooting or whatever else is trending, it really does not matter. People are angry, frustrated and just wanting to let off. … Continue reading Words Said

Colicchie – Rapping about LIFE

  BIO genius.com/artists/Colicchie Link Chas “Colicchie” Smith is a little known rapper from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hip Hop is his life and you can tell by the lyrical content and substance in his songs, which allowed him to go out his numerous periods using drugs (he had 6 overdoses, as he say in To Whom It … Continue reading Colicchie – Rapping about LIFE