Aya, Lessons of an Hāfu

Profile Instagram @ayacancook Link @ayacancode Link Aya's website Home Site Link   Portrait Parents Older Sister Older Sister - Black Experience Japan Self Self - Black Experience Japan Videos Melanated Files ( The Black Experience Japan ) Profile Aya is half-Black and half-Japanese, and today she shares her experience growing up in Japan and her … Continue reading Aya, Lessons of an Hāfu

Raimu Kaminashi

Bio Instagram Link   Stories V01SS THE REALITY OF BEING HALF-BLACK IN TODAY’S JAPAN Link What exactly do we look at and use to identify someone as “Japanese”? How many people out there live in Japan and identify as “Japanese” while having roots in other countries? A new understanding of what it is to be … Continue reading Raimu Kaminashi

Humanity Through Racial Lenses:- 2021 – Autumn

Videos Videos - Japan Asian Boss Being Half Japanese in Japan | ASIAN BOSS Profile One of the more curious facts about Japanese society is that it is culturally and ethnically homogenous, with over 98% of Japanese citizens being considered ethnic Japanese. And comparatively speaking, there is only a very small proportion of citizens who … Continue reading Humanity Through Racial Lenses:- 2021 – Autumn