DMX, The Artist

  Videos Spirituality Prayer DMX GIVES A BREATHTAKING PRAYER !!! Videos Video #1 Channel:- Breaking the machine Published On:- 2020-February-13th Added On:- 2021-April-11th Link Watch DMX deliver an epic prayer to kick off the Bad Boy Reunion Tour Videos Video #1 Channel:- Revolt TV Published On:- 2016-September-2nd Added On:- 2021-April-11th Link Prayer Virgil DMX Fiancee … Continue reading DMX, The Artist

Eric Gilmour:- Meditative Worship

Videos SON || 45 MINUTES INSTRUMENTAL FOR STILLNESS Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2018-November-20th Date Added:- 2021-March-21st Link marry me || quarantine with Jesus || 1 hour instrumental worship Videos Video #1 Channel:- Eric Gilmour Date Published:- 2020-April-5th Date Added:- 2021-March-21st Link   Comments marry me || quarantine with Jesus || 1 … Continue reading Eric Gilmour:- Meditative Worship

Joel Embiid, B-Ball & Humanity

Background Courtesy of ESPN.   ESPN Read Link Philadelphia 76ers' Joel Embiid donates $100,000 in All-Star winnings to homeless shelters. "So many have fallen on such hard times during the pandemic. I felt it was important to provide more support for individuals and families struggling with homelessness and food insecurity. I'm continually grateful for all … Continue reading Joel Embiid, B-Ball & Humanity

Mental Health & NBA

Background It is good to see athletes talk a bit more openly about their personal health and disposition. Acknowledge community issues. And, hopefully, help others.   Profile Outline Demar DeRozan Link Damian Lillard Link Kevin Love DeMar DeRozan   DeMar DeRozan opens up on Twitter The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Link Prior to the … Continue reading Mental Health & NBA

Elder Assault Targeting Asian Americans in the Bay Area – NPR

Background As someone who does not consume local news, I was not aware of the rise in elder abuse and assaults targeting Asian Americans until I caught a whiff through comments made by Jeremy Lin. By the way, heard the comments by keeping track of the latest in Sports News. My go-to websites are ESPN … Continue reading Elder Assault Targeting Asian Americans in the Bay Area – NPR

Sandile Cele, On Covid

Videos KZN scientist successfully grows 501Y.V2 COVID-19 variant in lab Profile A man from KwaZulu-Natal sacrificed his December holidays and has done what no one else has been able to up to now. Sandile Cele has successfully grown the 501Y.V2 COVID-19 variant first discovered in South Africa. It’s hoped this will help in the … Continue reading Sandile Cele, On Covid

The Guardian:- ‘I can’t grieve’: LA families wait months to bury loved ones as Covid deaths rise

Author:- Sam Levin Topic:- The region’s funeral industry is collapsing amid the pandemic. It’s taking an unfathomable toll on grieving families Date:- 2021-January-23rd Link The Guardian 'I can't grieve': LA families wait months to bury loved ones as Covid deaths rise   Johanna Matamoros’s father and mother died one month apart in December and January. … Continue reading The Guardian:- ‘I can’t grieve’: LA families wait months to bury loved ones as Covid deaths rise

Mitt Romney:- Fortune

Brief Bio Biography Link Born in Michigan on March 12, 1947. Mitt Romney is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney. He founded the investment firm Bain Capital. Ran for the Massachusetts Senate in 1994, losing to incumbent Ted Kennedy. Romney took over the Salt Lake Organizing Committee and helmed a successful 2002 Olympic … Continue reading Mitt Romney:- Fortune

Tobias Baumgaertner & the Penguins

Portrait MyModernMet Portrait #1 Portrait #2 BBC Portrait #1   Link In 2019, photographer Tobias Baumgaertner snapped a romantic shot of two widowed penguins overlooking a pier in Melbourne, Australia. He shared the photograph on his Instagram during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help lift people's spirits and it quickly went viral, garnering … Continue reading Tobias Baumgaertner & the Penguins

Pope Francis – 2020/December

Background Pope Francis continues to be that Church leader who was obviously chosen for a time such as this. Links National Catholic Reporter Francis warns Vatican officials their conflicts polarize Catholic Church Author:- Joshua J. McElwee Date Posted:- 2020-January-21st Link Polarization Warned that the Catholic Church can become polarized if the prelates appear always at … Continue reading Pope Francis – 2020/December