Frank Schaeffer – “You won Mom. I believe”.

  Background A few years ago, I heard Ravi Zacharias speak on the Schaffer family. To paraphrase he said "though Francis Schaeffer is the the Apologist in the family, it was his mother, Edith's love, that finally wore Frank down". Ravi made sure to say the column appeared in a liberal news outlet, Huffington Post. … Continue reading Frank Schaeffer – “You won Mom. I believe”.

Richard Paul Evans

Background Finally got around to having a cursory look at the November 2016 edition of Costco Connection; a magazine for Costco Members. I like to see the authors listed hoping to find something for family & friends. Profile Wikipedia Evans graduated from Cottonwood High School in Cottonwood City. He graduated with a B.A. degree from … Continue reading Richard Paul Evans

Bruce Springsteen – “Born To Run” ( The Book )

Forward After worship, went to Walmart and as I waited for the Oil Change walked over to the Book Aisle. Thankfully the first book that took me in is the Boss's "Born To Run". I think it is a good read. Pasted below is a jagged excerpt. Excerpt Book One - Growin' Up My Street … Continue reading Bruce Springsteen – “Born To Run” ( The Book )

Caitríona Palmer – On the power of mother-daughter love

  Caitríona Palmer on the power of mother-daughter love at all odds Of my three children, my eldest, Liam, reminds me the most of my mother. I see flashes of her in his pewter eyes, in the splatter of honeyed freckles across his nose, and in the sweet way he sometimes furrows his eleven … Continue reading Caitríona Palmer – On the power of mother-daughter love

Book List 2014 – Summer

Prelude Recently my career took a small, unplanned, yet forgiven detour.  My current role is that of a Data Analyst. I feel I am going down a slide.  Started out as a Software Developer developing in serious languages (C [Industrial Strength]), then came Power-builder, Delphi, and Visual Basic ( Business Applications).  Later came Operations Database … Continue reading Book List 2014 – Summer