Spiritual Gifts:- Discernment of Spirits

Background Continuing our series on Spiritual Gifts. In this post we will cover Discerning of Spirits.   General ( As a repose, Let us quickly cover what Spiritual Gifts are ) In general, gifts anchor God's headship.  And, man's responsibility towards God's mission. Spiritual Gifts Scripture Root The Root of Jesse - Isaiah 11:1-3 [ … Continue reading Spiritual Gifts:- Discernment of Spirits

Khaled Hosseini

Background As I got off the train this past Tuesday saw a lady standing outside the station reading my favorite author, Khaled Hosseini. The book she was reading is "A Thousand Splendid Suns". She was welling up as she described the area of the book she just read. I comforted her by sharing how much … Continue reading Khaled Hosseini

Allison Hyacintho – “I have desired it”

  Link And Psalm 132:13 has told me what God is making her to be; "For the LORD has chosen Zion; He has desired it for His habitation. "This is My resting place forever; Here I will dwell, for I have desired it." So anytime I am having a chat with God there is a … Continue reading Allison Hyacintho – “I have desired it”

Matthew Thomas, A Teacher And An Author

Videos Bergin OMalley Launch of Matthew Thomas "We Are Not Ourselves" Link Amazon Books Matthew Thomas at Book Expo America "We Are Not Ourselves" author talks to Amazon.com about his highly anticipated debut novel at Book Expo America 2014 Channel :- Amazon Books Published On :- 2014-August-19th Link Simon & Schuster Books Author Matthew Thomas … Continue reading Matthew Thomas, A Teacher And An Author

Mitch Albom

Introduction Always liked Mitch Albom outspokenness on the ESPN show, The Sports Reporter. Liked him even more upon reading his book, "Tuesday with Morrie". Was blessed today seeing him in a movie someone posted on YouTube. The name of the movie is "Have a little Faith".   Profile Sports Reporter 13 times Associated Press ( … Continue reading Mitch Albom

David Mitchell buries latest manuscript for a hundred years

  Videos David Mitchell Interview: Stories Have a Number of Beginnings Channel :-  Louisiana Channel Published Date :- 2015-August-3rd Link   Question & Answer Outline David Mitchell Interview: Stories Have a Number of Beginnings Link Manuscript for a hundred years Link Younger, Stammering Self Link   Indepth David Mitchell Interview: Stories Have a Number of … Continue reading David Mitchell buries latest manuscript for a hundred years

Frank Schaeffer – “You won Mom. I believe”.

  Background A few years ago, I heard Ravi Zacharias speak on the Schaffer family. To paraphrase he said "though Francis Schaeffer is the the Apologist in the family, it was his mother, Edith's love, that finally wore Frank down". Ravi made sure to say the column appeared in a liberal news outlet, Huffington Post. … Continue reading Frank Schaeffer – “You won Mom. I believe”.

Richard Paul Evans

Background Finally got around to having a cursory look at the November 2016 edition of Costco Connection; a magazine for Costco Members. I like to see the authors listed hoping to find something for family & friends. Profile Wikipedia Evans graduated from Cottonwood High School in Cottonwood City. He graduated with a B.A. degree from … Continue reading Richard Paul Evans