Tim Nolet:- Open Source & Well Funded Adopters

Background There is a familiar story playing out with Mr. Tim Nolet and his open source project, Headless Recorder project. Referenced Work The Register Thomas Claburn Come on, Amazon: If you're going to copy open-source code for a new product, at least credit the creator Link   Story Line Tim Nolet Work   Company/Service Software … Continue reading Tim Nolet:- Open Source & Well Funded Adopters


Dedicating I wanted to write something, but I did not have a subject material. And, so asked wifey for one. She came back and said to write on perseverance.   Outline Inspiration Someone in mind No Inspiration Uproot People Spirituality Eternity in Mind Heart Community Happy There is a person Forgiveness Glory of his name … Continue reading Perseverance

Judge Amy Coney Barrett & Family

Family Picture     Haiti Amy has 7 children, and 2 of them where born in Haiti and adopted by Amy and her husband Jesse, a former federal prosecutor. Vivian, who is 16 years old and John Peter, who is 13 years old.   Discussions George Floyd Chicago Sun-Times Amy Coney Barrett on George Floyd: … Continue reading Judge Amy Coney Barrett & Family

MySQL:- Select Statement:- Equal Sign and Testing for Equality

  Background Let us touch on the select statement and how we should take care when using it.   Use Select Statement SQL Output Output - Grid Explanation Set @number1 to 5 Set @number2 to 21 Set @answer1 to @number1 SQL:- select @answer1 = @number1 Returned:- null Set @answer2 to @number1 SQL:- select @answer2 := @number1 … Continue reading MySQL:- Select Statement:- Equal Sign and Testing for Equality

Ray & Barbara Dalio :- Giving

Profile Image Textual At first, we experienced the worry about not being able to take care of the basics. When we earned more money, we experienced relief and then the diminishing benefits of having more money. We learned that beyond having enough money to help secure the basics – quality relationships, health, stimulating ideas, etc. … Continue reading Ray & Barbara Dalio :- Giving

Joshua Selman On Time

Videos Joshua Selman - Redeeming Time (Heavenly Provisions) Segments Time:- Greatest thing God gave man Videos Video #1 Channel:- Emeka Anslem Published:- 2020-January-21st Link Full Videos Joshua Selman - Redeeming Time (Heavenly Provisions) Channel:- Christian Gifter Published:- 2020-January-11th Link   In-depth Time Greatest thing God gave man Scripture Ephesians 5:15 ( Link ) Therefore be … Continue reading Joshua Selman On Time

Music – 2020/October

  Videos Jahmiel Jahmiel – The World Videos Jahmiel – The World (Official Video) Channel:- Jahmiel I AM Published On:- 2020-October-2nd Added On:- 2020-October-3rd Link Burna Boy Real Life Feat. Stormzy Videos Real Life Burna Boy Feat. Stormzy Channel:- Burna Boy Premiered:- 2020-October-2nd Link Quando Rondo In My Feelings Profile Songwriters: David McDowell / Joao … Continue reading Music – 2020/October

Ladies in Tough Situations

Videos Clenesha Garland A mother and daughter separated by a life sentence Profile Clenesha Garland is holding on to the possibility of clemency for her mother, who is serving a life sentence in Texas for a nonviolent drug offense. As she waits, Garland puts herself in her own kind of prison, living a life without … Continue reading Ladies in Tough Situations

MySQL:- Variable – User-Defined Variables and Local Variables

Variables User-Defined Variables To declare user-defined variables, please prefix your variable name with @. User-defined variables are not explicitly defined. Please initialize variable by using set ( set @name='julia' ) or issue ( select @student = 'June Baker' ).   Sample Code   Local Variables Whereas, Local Variables can only be used in stored objects … Continue reading MySQL:- Variable – User-Defined Variables and Local Variables