Farrah Franklin:- Life Situations


One of those stories that I never would have known.
But, here, again, based on YouTube suggested videos caught a wind of it.
There are people you feel scared for.
There are people you should feel bad for.
There are people you should lift up in prayer.
There are people you should lift up in awareness.
Your village make it possible.



Justified by Jeury

  1. The Fall of Farrah Franklin
    • Profile
      • Detailing the fall of Farrah Franklin, Destiny’s Forgotten Child.
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      • The Fall of Farrah Franklin
        Date Published:- 2023-March-26th
        Date Added:- 2023-May-26th


Video Transcripts

Justified by Jeury

The Fall of Farrah Franklin

0:00 Destiny’s Child one of the highest-selling female r b groups in the world
0:06 they dominated pop culture from the nineteen nineties and the 2000s as fate headed
0:12 Destiny would have four children Beyonce Kelly
0:18 Latoya and Latavia. Destiny would also have two stepchildren
0:24 Michelle Farrah four of the children would go on to have
0:29 successful solo albums with many hits but two would have a much harder time trying to navigate themselves in a
0:37 precarious industry failing to produce albums and ultimately having only their
0:42 souls to cling to as they watched their dreams their possessions and even their
0:47 own sanities quickly diminish interestingly enough one was initially a replacement for the
0:54 other and throughout the trials and tribulations one’s Legacy would be adored by hardcore fans while the other
1:01 would be endlessly ridiculed and taunted online by fans and her Legacy reduced to
1:08 luggage literally you’re watching Justified by jury and in
1:14 today’s episode we will detail pharah’s life in the public eye how colorism may
1:19 have played a part in her eyes to fame but how her dignity garnered her an
1:25 immediate fall from Fame and the overall Erasure of her Legacy by those hell-bent



Dedicating this post to "Justified by Jeury".
It is hard to do right by people you don’t even claim you know.
Fam, went out of his way to pick up home girl, lift her up, carried her on his shoulders.
Making sure she ain’t drown.
Yo! fam, you did right by home girl.

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