Joshua Selman:- Fatherhood in Christ


  1. Apostle Joshua SELMAN Speaks about Spiritual Fatherhood
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        • Video #1
          Channel:- Joshua Moses
          Date Published:- 2023-May-22nd
          Date Added:- 2023-May-22nd


Apostle Joshua SELMAN Speaks about Spiritual Fatherhood

  1. Conference
    • The Global Kingdom Conference 2023
    • Calvary Bible Church, Ikotun – Idimu Road, Lagos


Apostle Joshua SELMAN Speaks about Spiritual Fatherhood


1st Timothy

  1. 1st Timothy 5:1 – Guidelines for Reproof ( Link )
    • 1 Do not rebuke an older man, but appeal to him as to a father. Treat younger men as brothers, 2 older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity.
  2. 1st Timothy 5:17 – Honoring Elders ( Link )
    • Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.


Apostle Joshua SELMAN Speaks about Spiritual Fatherhood



  1. Type of Ministries
    • Pentecostal Versus Orthodox
    • Most people who ask this question, do so because they are raised in Pentecostal circles
  2. Grandfather
    • Founder and Trustee of the “Church of Christ in Nations”
  3. Mentoring
    • Winning Hall
    • Anglican
      • Archbishop Benjamin Kwshai ( Benjamin Argak Kwashi OON )
      • Anglican Seminary
      • Jos, Nigeria
    • Ecua, Nigeria
  4. Fathers
    • Baba Adegboye
    • Bishop Oyedepo
  5. Nigeria:- North Versus South
    • North
      • Systemic and not individual
  6. Too Far
    • I do not want to go too far
      • So that it plants rebellion
      • Or sow confusion
  7. Abba – Fatherhood
    • The one who begat you in the Gospel
  8. Begat?
    • But, then some of them who come are already saved
    • And, in some cases, some are already transformed
    • And, so what many people call Fatherhood is actually mentorship
  9. Fatherhood/Classic
    • Classically
      • In the classic term, Fatherhood means the person who helped you get saved
      • Getting you transformed
      • Making investments in your life
  10. Abuse
    • There are aspects of Fatherhood that have been abused in Africa
    • For many people, it is just a license to show that you are not a rebel
    • So people look for a father and continue in rebellion
    • With no touch whatsoever with the Father
  11. Whereas Fatherhood
    • Fatherhood is supposed to be for
      • Mentorship
      • Correction
      • Guidance
  12. Deviated
    • There are many people that have deviated from the Lord
    • In honor of Fatherhood
  13. Careful
    • I am being very careful here
    • When fatherhood is not correct
    • You can lose the essence of your call
  14. Template
    • In some cases, Fatherhood will mandate that you follow the essence of the teacher
    • Unfortunately, in some cases, someone can go wrong following blindly
    • Case in Point
      • Samuel and Eli
        • Whereas Eli went wrong
        • Eli did not pull Samuel down the same abyss
  15. Rebel
    • The man you see is not a Rebel
    • I am more submissive than most people you will see
  16. Spiritual Laws
    • There are results that you can not attain outside of ensuring that you remain in obedience to certain spiritual laws


Asking Spiritual Father For Release

  1. Elder
    • The Bible also states “Do not rebuke an elder in public
      • Ist Timothy 5:1

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