Soft White Underbelly:- Didontae


Didontae spoke on street stuff.

Most people make up stories.

But, No.

Not Didontae.

Bro spoke from the heart.




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  1. Growing Up In The Hood-Didontae
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Video Comments

Growing Up In The Hood-Didontae

  1. 0
    • This brother talked for an hour and 22 minutes without being asked a single question by the interviewer and I was captivated the whole time. He needed to get this off his chest. Wow great interview!!
  2. Jeannine
    • Every Human needs to hear,learn, grow and heal from this man’s story. Thank you Didontae
  3. Daniel Cavoto
    • This guy has my respect. 100%. Just because your the from the hood don’t mean you’re no good. I really hope he goes far in life an achieves everything he strives for. He deserves it.
  4. Cindy Fitzgerald
    • I’ve not wrote a comment in a long time but this young man’s story really got to me. One of the very best. Foster homes and supposed foster parents scarred my little sister that now at the age of 50 she’s still that frightened little girl and I don’t know if she will ever recover and she is so lost in addiction. I wish I could just give this young man a hug and thank him for sharing his story
  5. Dak F
    • Wow, this interview blew me away. It touched my heart as a Black man. I wish this brotha good luck and blessings. Hang in there, bro. 👏🏾
  6. LizardMane
    • I used to work with didonte not too long ago at a dog day care and this dude has a heart of gold. I wish I was able to get closer to him but regardless I think he’s doing good. God bless thus man.
  7. UhtredRagnarson
    • What a charismatic and well put together man. You can tell hes reflected on his life countless times and hes definitely scarred from it. Wishing you nothing but the best, Didontae. Thank you for your story, the articulation and the
  8. peachy p
    1. He talks about all of these horrible events that sound like it could have taken place over a life time, followed up by “then I turned 12” What a fascinating interview. I really enjoyed listening.
  9. Melissa Longley
    1. Good luck on you’re journey Didontae,you’ve survived so much for a reason,keep speaking to the children,they need to hear you 💙
  10. Linda James
    • This touched my heart. To who Didonte has become today is nothing short of a miracle. So much love and respect for you D. You are such an amazing example to all the kids you work with and your connection to dogs is like no other. Keep healing and help others. ❤
  11. Carlo gambino
    • Much respect to this guy I wish him nothing but the best
  12. Houston Hard Hitters
    • I absolutely have nothing but the utmost respect for this man and the way he tells his story about life and trauma. Much love from H-town Texas
  13. Xksjwuehdkwbqkajaeisoakcwzbn
    • This man is so wise beyond his years. His self awareness and honesty both inwards and outwards is beyond impressive. You are a special one with a special purpose, my brother. 🙏🏾
  14. AnabellA
    • This was inspiring for me in so many ways , from beginning to end …the entire story had me so but so hooked that I couldn’t even look away or refrain from hearing it for a sec. All that he went through to build up to this moment … That’s what his life was supposed to be about .. All the struggles he’s face from the get was so he could maybe help or impact someone else later on in his life and give others living that lifestyle just a glimpse of hope . I really do pray he continues on this path , but somehow I just know I don’t have to pray and that he will continue walking on that current and correct path . Thank you for sharing with such honesty
  15. Love Always Wins!
    • Wow! I can only imagine how many children are going through situations like this. He story was captivating because I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to go from foster home to foster home. I hope he does well and stays out of the streets for good.
  16. BdLd_Eskobar1700
    • Proud to have brothers like Didontae walking around doing and speaking what he does. It gives a young dude like myself actual hope of there being an opportunity for me in this life I live and world I live in to really become something or do something with myself that can actually matter to those around frfr. We need more like Didontae. Bro really lit a fire in mfs w this one. Keep doin ya thang Phunk 💯🙏🏽💪🏽
  17. Craig O Connor
    • This was absolutely amazing this dude just talked for 82 minutes straight without being asked a single thing you wouldnt have even known Mark was in the room. What a life this dude has lived he has lived 10 lives and to be still here to tell his side is a blessing in itself and for him to want to give back and help the youth shows the man he really is a modern day hero. I wish this man nothing but greatness and blessings in life and I hope he lives a long and healthy one. This was the easiest hour and a half of watching I ever have done captivating from start to finish.. thanks Mark for providing this platform to the world so people like my guy here can get their story out. Love from Ireland 🤞

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