Bob Lee:- Cash App Founder – Recreational Drug Use


Newly discovered court revelations in the passing of Cash App Founder, Bob Lee, have revealed Mr. Lee’s use of recreational drugs.



  1. Bob Lee:- Cash App Founder – Transition
    Date Posted:- 2023-April-6th
  2. Bob Lee:- Cash App Founder – Suspect Arrest
    Published On:- 2023-April-13th



Court Arraignment Hearing


Nima Momeni ( Defendant )

Paula Canny

Bob Lee Drug Use
  1. Cash App founder Bob Lee had “pretty much every recreational illegal drug” in his system, the attorney for alleged killer Nima Momeni railed Tuesday — just hours after a toxicology report revealed signs of cocaine and ketamine in tech boss’s system.
  2. “It was like drugs 101,” Paula Canny told The Post after Momeni’s court appearance in San Francisco.
  3. “There was a lot of drugs in his system, and all illegal.”
  4. Canny told The Post the media received Lee’s death investigation report before she and the prosecution could review the documents.
  1. Canny said she and her client requested not to enter their plea right away because of a “particular kink” in the California justice system that would affect how the case shakes out.
  2. “But the moment I say those words, I have to decide whether or not I want to do the preliminary hearing within 10 court days or move to 60 calendar days”.
  3. “If I give those rights up, there’s no taking that rights back under California law.”

Khazar “Tina” Elyassnia

  1. Prosecutors have alleged Momeni’s sister, Khazar “Tina” Elyassnia, is at the center of the fatal feud between Lee and Momeni.
  2. Investigators said they learned Lee and Elyassnia, who is married, had known each other for years. Lee was later found to have had ketamine and cocaine in his system.
  3. Hours before the stabbing, Momeni was said to have confronted Lee about his sister’s alleged drug use and “inappropriate” behavior after Lee spent the day with her and others, cops said.
  4. He spent the late afternoon of April 3 at an apartment on Mission Street, where he drank with friends, including Elyassnia, according to prosecutors’ motion to deny bond.
  5. Lee and a friend later left the apartment and went to Lee’s room at the 1 Hotel San Francisco, court documents said.
  6. The friend, identified in the motion as “Witness 1,” told police Lee had a conversation in the hotel room about Momeni picking up his sister from the apartment where they had been.
  7. “Witness 1 said [Momeni] was questioning [Lee] regarding whether his sister was doing drugs or anything inappropriate,” the motion states.
  8. Lee allegedly assured Momeni nothing “inappropriate” had happened before he continued his night.
  9. Hours later, Lee left his friend and was seen entering Elyassnia’s apartment around 12:39 a.m. Surveillance footage also shows Lee and Momeni riding an elevator down to the lobby of Elyassnia’s apartment building shortly after 2 a.m. and climbing into Momeni’s white BMW, the document states.

Nima Momeni & Bob Lee


  1. Surveillance footage also shows Lee and Momeni riding an elevator down to the lobby of Elyassnia’s apartment building shortly after 2 a.m. and climbing into Momeni’s white BMW, the document states.
  2. A Video then shows the pair inside the BMW as it arrives at a “dark and secluded area” on Main Street, near where a bloodied Lee was later found.
  3. Prosecutors allege that the men both left the car and Momeni stabbed Lee.

Bob Lee

Plea for Help

  1. Lee was “violently bleeding” when he called 911 shortly after he was stabbed on April 4, when a dispatcher said there was “a male screaming ‘help,’ saying ‘someone stabbed me’ … Advised he is bleeding out.
  2. “He’s outside on the street.”
  3. He was unconscious and had no pulse by the time medics arrived. Surgeons pronounced him dead at 6:49 a.m., after spending four hours trying to save him, an autopsy report shows.


May our heavenly father place and keep.


Quick Take

  1. Dynamics of Life
    • Things make look one way from the outside, yet when you close ranks they may turn out different
    • Nation of Origin, Religion, Culture, and patriarchy we may find play a larger role than we first imagined



  1. John 10:10 ( Link )
    • 10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy
  2. 1st Peter 5:8 ( Link )
    • Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.


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