Paternity Court:- 2023 – April – Part 3


  1. Double Episode: Is the Father her Husband or her Coworker? | Paternity Court
    • Profile
      • 1. Glover v. Jackson/Brady/Staton – A Louisiana woman isn’t sure if her husband or a coworker is her son’s father; a Georgia woman says her son is not the father of a woman’s child.
      • 2. Amos v. Johnson Jr (Part 2) – After a paternity bombshell is dropped, an Arkansas woman brings her ex-boyfriend to court to prove that he is the biological father of her 15-month-old daughter.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Paternity Court
        Date Added:- 2023-March-31st
        Date Added:- 2023-April-17th
    • Participants
      • Segment #1
        • Glover
        • Jackson/Brady/Staton
      • Segment #2
        • Amos
        • Johnson Jr

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