Chrome:- Extensions List


My brother Mookie called me last night.

He wanted me to talk to one of his friends.



I spoke to the friend and the friend explained to me how hackers have made him and his wife’s life living hells.

What have hackers done:-

  1. Facebook
    • Taken over his Facebook business account
    • Changed Phone numbers and other contact details
  2. Cell Phone
    • Spoofed Calls


Chrome Extensions

Chrome Extensions – List

One of the areas who needs to take care revisit, is to review installed Chrome’s Extensions


  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Access Extensions Page
    • Chromium Browser Type
      • Google – Chrome
        URL:- chrome://extensions/
      • Microsoft – Edge
        URL:- edge://extensions/
      • Brave
        URL:- brave://extensions/


Launch Chrome

Launch Chrome

Access Extensions Page

Based on the Chromium Browser Type, access the Extensions Page

Here is a current list:-

  1. Google – Chrome
    URL:- chrome://extensions/
  2. Microsoft – Edge
    URL:- edge://extensions/
  3. Brave
    URL:- brave://extensions/

Review Listed Extensions

  1. Please review each listed extension
  2. For each listed extension
    • Remove unrecognized extension
    • Disable extension you are unsure of
    • Access Details and tweak security on extensions you choose to keep


Access Extensions Page

Google – Chrome

Microsoft – Edge


Dedicating this post to my __ Caleb Plant, Jordan Hardy, and Charlie Plant.

Even __ that is considered dead, will still rise like Phoenix.

Working hard for your dues.

While __ try to duck walking cross this lawn called life.

See them, Overlook them.

___ is only happy when they taking and receiving.

Talking on it is over giving.

As it please men to steal and rob.

Lie & Cheat.

Frolicking with __.

Finesse on a __.

It is hard to shake destiny.

So live as is.



For sake of Caleb Plant listening to:-



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