Poverty Betrays



Story Time

Someone who does this kind of work?


A few days I reached out to my brother R.

I said R do you know someone who does this kind of work.

He replied not exactly, but there is a lot of people who do that type of work.

Usually, R is more family, more intimate, more free hearted with his sharing.



I thought back to a couple of years ago.

We were in the middle of an epidemic.

In the middle of Covid.

I needed some work done.

I reached out to R.

He sent over a very good man.

The man said he will do the work.

I gave him the go ahead.

The next day we got rained out.

The young man called me back the day after the rained out day.

I pulled back the work.

My money was too tight.

There were too many things competing for my tending.


Felt Bad

I felt bad as having to have pulled the work back.

Reasons being:-

  1. The man R referred me to
    • Is actually a very good, upstanding man
    • He placed his own health risks aside to come meet with me
    • He used up his gas while gas was yet sky high
    • He came to meet me based on the words of a man, R
  2. R
    • I placed R in a bad place
    • Having to explain to the man, my pull back


Tidy Up

Let us tidy this up.

  1. Know & Trust
    • Stay your needs and wants with those you know and trust
  2. Why
    • They will cover you
    • They will not cover your wrong
      • They will just give you time to grow over it
      • Give you time to review and re-read it
      • This time it took me a couple of years
  3. Love and Need You
    • Love and Need you fam
  4. There is more to people
    • There is more to people than what they can do for you
    • People are not services
    • People are not serviceable materials
    • People hurt and bleed
    • People cover for you

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