Soft White Underbelly:- Ice


This is one of those stories a lot of people doing field work can relate to.



  1. Soft White Underbelly
    • Introduction
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
          Date Added:- 2021-March-7th


  1. Gang Member interview-Ice
    • Gang Member interview-Ice
      • Profile
        • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Ice, a Crip gang member in Los Angeles.
      •  Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
          Date Published:- 2020-June-26th
          Date Added:- 2021-March-7th
      • Transcript
        • Diagnosis
          • Schizophrenia
          • Bipolar


Gang Member interview-Ice

  1. Parents
    • Crack Addicts
  2. Adopted Parents
    • Jamaican
      • Mum
        • Not much time
        • Always working at St Francis
        • Work Nights
      • Pops
        • Rolling Stone
  3. LA Culture
    • Multi-Ethnic
      • Jamaican
      • Belize
  4. Affiliation
    • Affiliation at 11
  5. Youth Authority ( YA )
    • Prison for Kids
  6. Did the time
  7. Out at 24
    • I was homeless
    • Jobs wasn’t fucking with me
    • I was a Felon
    • Got by anyway I can
    • I just to get it out of the mud
    • Get it any way I can
  8. Look at me?
    • I am a tall dude
    • I could have been playing football or basketball
    • Never would have been able to figure, how far I could have went
  9. Family
    • We all done crashed on each other’s couch?
    • Everybody is been through so much together
    • Once them N_ is gone, they gone
  10. Living Life Affiliated
    • Do I regret it?  No
    • Would I change it? No
    • Would I tell the next dude to go to it? No
  11. Loop holes
    • I am going through a lot of loop holes now
  12. Gun Play
    • Gun play gets you caught up
    • I am going through it right now
  13. Lawyer ( Segment 14 )
    • Stereotype
  14. Crips don’t got no religion ( Segment 14 )
    • I believe in God
    • I believe God got a nigger, got me though
    • God got
      • My Best interest
      • In his favor
    • Accepting
      • No matter what the outcome is
      • I know what I did, one other person know what I did
  15. Parting
    • Kids
      • Kids stay in school and don’t do drugs


Gang Member interview-Ice

  1. natalielawyerchick
    • Comments
      • Hate to see him looking down like that
      • I’m not judging him y’all. My heart goes out to him. I wish his life was better
    • Response
      • Clickbait
        • og well when you’re having random question after random question asked and talking about things that aren’t necessarily good memories it’s not exactly easy to make eye contact the entire time.
      • Mr. DonT CarE
        • yall dumb af!!! she saying she hate seeing him looking down like that…she hate seeing a nigga down and out!! he looking on the ground cuz he thinking bout a lot of shit in his life and cuz of that she feels bad for him!!!
      • Butter Butter
        • Lot on his mind… Stressed behind the time he’s facing
      • LoWkeyT OfficialPage
        • og when you see demons you ain’t looking nobody in the eyes fam
      • Luv Chanelle
        • We need more resources for our men when they get out of prison. Mentors, shelter, job opportunities for felons, and more programs. Ice is very articulate and I’m pretty sure he qualifies for SSI for his Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Not sure if he’s getting it or not. I would love to see one of the gang members get help and have a update interview. I pray that love, support, an abundance of opportunities, and protection finds him and stays with him for his entire life.
      • J4Bailey
        • I couldn’t keep my eyes off this guy. I could feel his inner struggles. I want better for him. He deserves better. I wish for him to explore his education. There’s a depth to him that makes you want to root for him. I wish for him the proper care for his mental illness. He’s been in the system just about all his life, it’s all he knows. Sending him all good vibes and positive energy.
      • buckluster
        • The consequences are just so heavy
      • Shena Henderson
        • Everytime he held his head down, it tugged at my heart strings.
      • Santonioh25
        • This got me: “Our lives just ain’t the same. I don’t live by the rules. As much as I want to, I see that’s not going to get me no where. But it’s how you play it.”

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