A Period isn’t an Excuse to have an Attitude


In health and wholeness.

The sadness of life is that half of humanity, due to lack of experience, misses out on empathy.

Poetic Justice.

Thank you for making a case while being educative and entertaining.


May God continue to bring healing, wholeness, and freshness a month at a time.

P.S. I have bcc’d my bride who wishes I know these things.



Last night I read on Instagram, “A period isn’t an excuse to have an attitude”. This comment was made by a man, and the first question that came to my mind was, how would you know if you never had one?

Guys, periods aren’t that simple!

About half the population doesn’t know what it feels like to bleed monthly but have complaints about it. The only excuse I could up with is that men aren’t taught about menstruation. When it comes to female sexual anatomy, most men are less informed (or misinformed). Bring up a conversation about monthly cycle with a man and watch his face hint all shades of irritability, discomfort, embarrassment and awkwardness.

Menstrual cycles are an integral part of female human experience, deal with it!

Women have had to endure centuries of period shaming. The consciousness that many people consider periods as gross and messy is shameful…

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