Powershell – Conditional Statements across multiple lines


Will like to provide working examples of how Powershell supports conditional statements; especially the ones that span multiple lines.



  1. Use back tick ( ` ) to indicate their is more
  2. Suffix the preceding line with the expression
    • Condition expression
      • -or
      • -and



Set-StrictMode -Version Latest

$script:ErrorActionPreference = "Stop"

  Declare constants
Set-Variable stateCalifornia -option Constant -value "California";

Set-Variable cityCaliforniaLosAngeles -option Constant -value "Los Angeles";
Set-Variable cityCaliforniaSanDiego -option Constant -value "San Diego";
Set-Variable cityCaliforniaSantaBarbara -option Constant -value "Santa Barbara";
Set-Variable cityCaliforniaSantaClarita -option Constant -value "Santa Clarita";

Set-Variable stateNewYork -option Constant -value "New York";

Set-Variable cityNewYorkAlbany -option Constant -value "Albany";
Set-Variable cityNewYorkBuffalo -option Constant -value "Buffalo";
Set-Variable cityNewYorkNewYork -option Constant -value "New York";
Set-Variable cityNewYorkRochester -option Constant -value "Rochester";

  Declare variables	
[string] $state = $null;
[string] $city = $null;

[string] $log = "";

  Set variables	
$city = "Santa Clarita";
$city = "Albany";

   Conditional Statements single line
if ($city -eq $cityCaliforniaSantaClarita )
    $state = $stateCalifornia

   Conditional Statements across lines using `
if (
         ($city -eq $cityCaliforniaSantaBarbara ) `
     -or ($city -eq $cityCaliforniaSantaClarita )

    $state = $stateCalifornia

    Conditional Statements across lines using 'expectant'
	In this case we begin the secondary condition ( -or ) on the initial line
if (
       ($city -eq $cityNewYorkAlbany ) -or

       ($city -eq $cityNewYorkBuffalo )
    $state = $stateNewYork

$log = "The City of {0} is in {1}" -f $city, $state

Write-Output $log;

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Powershell – Conditional Statements



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