Gift of Quietness – Day 02


One of the many things we rob ourselves of these days is the gift of quietness.



  1. Gift of Quietness


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Sometimes we press in hoping we will receive a better response.

I think as we press in we should think of the person we are pressing into as well.

Have they already given us the best answer.

I think we should be honest with ourselves.

That is, take each advise apart and honestly critique how much we have acted upon past advices.



We live in a world full of possibilities.

Yet, the best response in our case is likely known by those closest to us.

Those actually in love with us.

The obstacles they see we will overcome and the discernment that will come with choosing good over bad.

Choosing wisdom over knowledge.

Choosing forgiveness over getting even.

The un-earned pain we will avoid.



Story Tellers know they have a whole book to tell a story.

Knowing they have the entire book to tell their story, they take the opportunity gracefully.

They practice character development.

An identical parallel is drawn in the sports world.

In the recent soccer world cup, one can see how teams use spaces to bewilder their opponents.

Boxers sell their opponents and hide their most potent shots.

In Football, Bill Walsh’s west coast offense opens up wide receivers by perfecting timing patterns.


Isaiah 42

Deaf & Blind


18 Listen, you deaf ones; look, you blind ones, that you may see!19 Who is blind but My servant,

or deaf like the messenger I am sending?

Who is blind like My covenant partner,

or blind like the servant of the LORD?

20 Though seeing many things, you do not keep watch.

Though your ears are open, you do not hear.”

21 The LORD was pleased, for the sake of His righteousness,

to magnify His law and make it glorious.


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