Timothy Keller & Sinclair Ferguson


While most pastors will say take my prophetic and politics as whole.

There are those who see it otherwise.

Timothy Keller & Sinclair Ferguson belong in the otherwise group.



Westminster Theological Seminary

  1. Remarks from Timothy Keller & Sinclair Ferguson
    • Profile
      • Moderated by President Lillback
        From the 2018 Graduation Ceremony
    • Videos
      • Remarks from Timothy Keller & Sinclair Ferguson
        Channel:- Westminster Theological Seminary
        Date Published:- 2018-August-20th
        Date Added:- 2023-February-2nd
    • Participants
      • Timothy Keller
      • Sinclair Ferguson
      • Dr. Peter A. Lillback
        • Westminster Theological Seminary ( President )
    • Spoken Of
      • Sinclair Ferguson
        • Professor Murray
        • Brother Lawrence
        • Augustine
          • Words of Confession
        • Ambrose Bishop of Milan
        • Owen
          • Book:- Communion with God
      • Timothy Keller
        • Peter Drucker
          • Austrian-American management consultant


Westminster Theological Seminary

Remarks from Timothy Keller & Sinclair Ferguson

  1. S Peyton
    • lovely humble men of God ..need more of these in my life
    • Replies
      • Thomas von Buddenbrock
        • Don’t confuse the fact that they may be good at talking theology for being humble
      • S Peyton
        • @Thomas von Buddenbrock I have been in a J MacArthur Master seminary pastored church for yrs and been the janitor for that church for 11 yrs …trust me I know theology and I know humility when I see it … wish Christian’s would be less critical and kinder behind a keyboard .. the Lord knows the truth it will all be put right in the end …


There is a pastor that I used to listen to.

When he started trying to pick fights with Tim Keller, I knew it was time to stop listening to the instigating pastor.

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