Dr. Michael Heiser:- The words we do not like to hear



Dr. Michael Heiser Health Update: How Is His Battle with Cancer Going?

Written By:- Disheeta Maheshwari
Modified:- 2023-January-28th

With his studies and work, Dr. Michael Heiser has been one of the leading proponents of the ’divine council’ worldview. He has gained quite a following with people outside conservative Christian circles by discussing and engaging Christianity with people holding alternative worldviews.

While debunking the people who discredit God being the Creator of Earth and Heaven, Dr. Heiser has also earned notoriety in the paranormal scene while appearing in several documentary series and television shows such as “Ancient Aliens”.

In 2020, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has since been updated about his treatments and their effectiveness on the tumor. In a Facebook post, Dr. Michael Heiser shared a recent health update on January 22, 2023.

On Sunday, Dr. Michael Heiser took to Facebook to provide a health update on his battle with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Heiser mentioned that he is in stage 4 or the last stage of aggressive pancreatic cancer as none of the treatments have worked to reverse the status of the tumor.

This aggressive pancreatic cancer has now spread through the stomach and upper GI, which has led to uncontrollable and slow bleeding. Dr. Michael Heiser further shared on the Facebook post that during the latest endoscopy efforts were made to slow down the bleeding by sealing as many bleeding points as possible. This step was taken to slow down the bleeding, however, there is no solution at this point.

Dr. Michael Heiser’s health update also revealed that his lifespan is uncertain with anywhere from days to several weeks to live.

With Dr. Michael Heiser’s health update, he has shown not even a glint of worry, anxiety, and fear. Dr. Heiser shares that even in the light of staring mortality right in its face, he is not afraid as after his passing he will be joining the family of God.

Dr. Heiser says that he is happy to know that he will completely become part of the council of God to which they all currently belong. He further adds about meeting his community in unimaginable glorious ways in the future.

Dr. Michael appears to have properly prepared himself, his community, and his family with the recent health update. Dr. Heiser has encouraged them to celebrate life once he passes away as he is confident in the Lord and the destination of his soul.

What Is Pancreatic Cancer?

Dr. Heiser is suffering from the last stage of pancreatic cancer which starts in the tissues of the pancreas and lies at the back of your lower stomach. Some of its symptoms include fatigue, unintended weight loss, abdominal pain throughout your back, loss of appetite, blood clots, itchy skin, and more.

The treatment options are decided by the medical professionals on the basis of the extent of cancer. Some of the treatment options include radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery.


Charisma News

Bible Scholar Dr. Michael Heiser Shares Bleak Diagnosis

Written By:- James Lasher
Date Published:- 2023-01-23

Cancer is an ugly word that continuously brings fear and trepidation with it when a patient hears it spoken from a doctor’s mouth.

Those suffering from this affliction often hold dear to hope that it can be managed if not eradicated.

Still others hold to faith when given the prognosis that modern medical technology can offer no solution to the disease rampaging through their bodies.

In the case of renowned Bible scholar Dr. Michael Heiser, medical science has reached its limits and only God would be able to heal his body.

“I am at the end of the road in the late stage (4) of a very aggressive pancreatic cancer,” Heiser shared on a Facebook post Sunday, Jan. 22. “Nothing to date has reversed the tumor’s status. It has now invaded the upper GI and stomach areas causing slow, uncontrollable bleeding. No one on my medical team has a solution or knows of one. During the latest endoscopy an effort was made to cauterize as many of the bleeding points as possible to at least slow the bleeding. In essence, I am bleeding out at a slow rate with no solution.”

In his work and studies, Dr. Heiser became a leading proponent for the “divine council” worldview.

According to an abstract posted by Kaspars Ozolins, assistant professor of Old Testament Interpretation at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, the “Divine Council” worldview is as follows:

“Several biblical passages speak of what some theologians call a ‘divine council,’ an assembly of heavenly beings or ‘gods.’ For Israel’s neighbors in the ancient Near East, such councils reflected polytheistic worldviews, where rival gods vied for power and supremacy. For Israel, however, the members of the divine council, though heavenly and supernatural, remained subject to the providence and decrees of the one Creator God. Furthermore, God disarmed all these malevolent spiritual powers at the cross of Christ, and one day He will strip them of all authority entirely.”

Dr. Heiser has also gained many followers outside traditional Christian circles by engaging and discussing Christianity with those holding to alternative worldviews.

Frequently engaging with supporters of UFOs, psychic experiences and conspiracy theories, Heiser approaches those society often casts aside as crazy in an opportunity to share the works of God with them.

Debunking those who would look to discredit God as the Creator of heaven and earth earned Dr. Heiser some notoriety among the paranormal scene. Appearing on multiple television shows and documentary series like “Ancient Aliens” and “Zeitgeist,” Heiser would bring the Word of God into parts of society that are often overlooked if not outright ignored due to their fringe belief systems.

Dr. Heiser’s words convey his faith and hope in the Lord with no hint of fear, worry or anxiety. He shares with his community, even while looking physical death in the face and not flinching, how he takes comfort in knowing where he is going should his body fail and Who he will see.

“As you all know, when I pass, I will join the family of God and his council, to which all of us as believers presently belong but ‘not yet’ in its fullness. This is what awaits me, and I am glad. We will see each other in the future in unimaginably glorious ways,” he explained.

As Dr. Heiser appears to prepare himself, his family and his community for his celebration of life, he leaves them with the words of a man confident in his God and the destination in which his soul will spend eternity.

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What makes Dr. Michael Heiser Special?


  1. Academician
  2. Stand Alone
  3. Theologian
  4. God Led


Dr. Michael Heiser is special because he starts and stays in the bible.

A lot of preachers start from a position and look to the bible to support that position.

Start from an emotion and look towards the bible for locomotion.

Stand Alone

A lot of pastors look to other pastors to parrot their position and understanding of the bible.

A lot of “prophets” steal words from each other.

These days prophets don’t go it alone.

They look for like minded and say since there are so many of us, we must be right.

They don’t look towards God’s truth, they seek out truth in municipalities.



Theologians are few in number.

Studying the bible is hard.

Reading from various sources is a very intense endeavor.

Tidying together understanding from the various church ages is hard work.

It is a lot easier to turn on a computer and see what pastor so-and-so is preaching on.

It sounds good, so let us take it to God’s people.

This makes things easier for us in the audience and congregation as well.

On the part of the preachers, pastors, and prophets, Uniformity means Conformity.

This lends itself to less straying on our part.

But, at those times, when God cares for our safety.

The holiness will step in and say do not go with that guy.

Seeking out the actuality of God’s word comes from God placing himself at the fork of the road.

God saying this day choose between me and him; in actuality between me and them.

At those times we expand out diet.

We like the easy.

It is not that we go and read more on our own.

Yet again we look for someone who has done the work, yet present it to us in an easy to digest format.

A candid and caring theologian.


God Led

A theologian does not lead you to himself.

A theologian work does not lead you to the theologian.

God is the the primary instigator who breaks and leads us.

God is the one who says everything you have heard and read so far is a lie.



There are certain areas that we feel is being overblown.

Oversold if you will.

Dr. Michael Heiser is one of those theologians one knows posses the internal composition and fortitude,

As well as the quiet demeanor to carry the conversation in public.

You know he will not steal from others.

Lie on others.

For the sake of the argument, he will not say “me or him?“.

The person he is talking to transcends each conversation.

God used Dr. Michael Heiser well.

God used Dr. Michael Heiser gracefully and tastefully.

He lived out his salvation and upkeeping with his father well.

Prayerfully for all of eternity.




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