Hard Words from Women


There is a series of posts on a specific subject that I would prefer to share.

So as not to have breakage in the flow of that proposed series, let me pull over and get this off my mind.


Hard Words


  1. Mother
  2. Adopted Sister
  3. Public Transit
  4. Social Media
  5. Bride
  6. Lady Friend
  7. Adopted Sister
  8. Long Friend


Earlier this week, I had forwarded my mother something.

She replied she did not appreciate what I sent.

Continuing, she expressed “Dad and I want better for you“.

More self awareness.

More narrow.

More discerning.


Adopted Sister ( TJ )

Caught up with one of my adopted sisters.

And, shared with her, what my mother had shared.

I followed, that I understood mum’s reticence.

Affirmed it is righteous anger.


Public Transit

On weekends, I try to go for good walks.

Or at minimum, use public transportation.

Yesterday, Saturday, was one of those days.

I walked to the bus stop.

Thankfully, as I reached the stop, a bus neared.

Got on the bus and paid my fare.

As I neared my stop and approached the front doors, the bus driver gently shared she will prefer I exit through the back doors.

Makes sense now, we are still in the middle of an pandemic.

Also, the front entrance should be left availed to incoming passengers so that they can pay.

I already paid and should have less access to that shared space.

Gladly accepting of her admonition, I pedaled backwards.


Social Media

On Friday, I shared something on social media.

The original content creator did not appreciate I took liberty with the content.

Asked to pull the content, I quickly did so.



This morning my bride and I had a heartfelt conversation.

It was worthy of our creator and father.

She clued me to where I was helpful.

But, more so where I had left her down.


Lady Friend ( BF)

The conversation with my bride and I was remindful of an earlier one.

Many years ago, a lady friend shared with me one of the jewels of womanhood.

She said “Daniel, let me tell you. All women are the same”.


Adopted Sister (AN)

This afternoon, my sister, AN called.

She is the quiet one.

I rushed through my monologue.

Thanked her for being a mother.

A student.

A caretaker.



Long Friend (AS)

As I read this back a 10th time.

See if it is genuine.

I think back to Aisha.

We caught up after years.

As we closed out the conversation.

She let me know I had robbed her the wrong ways.

She questioned my motives.

Aisha was:-

You must have called me today to get on my last nerves.

And, then you had to bring up Saul.

The only reason, I picked up your call is cause tomorrow is a public holiday.


Last Word

Family, always, in not quite words.

Words left unsaid.

As if I have to say it, I rather have an intimate two.

Letting Big Sean have the last words:-

Mama said it only takes one time to fuck up your whole Wikipedia


And as your son, I could see the type of light that you see me in

Big Sean – Deep Reverence (Official Music Video) ft. Nipsey Hussle



Always in obedience to womanhood.

Dedicating to the mothers out there.

The only way to raise a child is for the whole world.

Fair Play.



Giving a listen to G Herbo & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie.

G Herbo – Me, Myself & I ft. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie (Official Music Video)


And, Kodak Black & PNB Rock.

Kodak Black – Too Many Years (feat. PNB Rock) [Official Video]


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