Nate Oats




Student Athlete

Nate Oats, Nathanael Justin Oats, was born in Watertown, Wisconsin.

He was a three-year starter on the Maranatha Academy high school basketball team.

Maranatha Academy high school went 24–0 in his senior year.

Nate attended Maranatha Baptist University.

Maranatha Baptist University is a NCCAA Division II/NCAA Division III.

Nate was an all-conference player and served as captain of he Crusaders.

Nate majored in Math Education and earned a Bachelor’s degree.

He went on to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison for his post graduate studies.

He majored in kinesiology and exercise science.

He received a Master of Science degree.


Coaching Career

High School

Romulus High School

After the 2002 season, Oats left Wisconsin–Whitewater to become the head basketball coach and a teacher at Romulus High School.

Romulus High School is outside Detroit, Michigan.

Oats coached at Romulus for 11 years.

He earned a record of 222 wins to 52 losses ( 222-52 ).

He want as far as the semifinals of the State Tournament five times.

In 2013, Oats led Romulus to state Class A championship.

The local press awarded Romulus coach of the year 4 times.

His awards were in 2005, 2008, 2009, and 2013.



University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York ( Buffalo Bulls men’s basketball )
Assistant Coach

Bobby Hurley, Robert Matthew Hurley, was the an assistant coach at the University at Buffalo in Buffalo, New York.

In 2013, Bobby Hurley took an interest in Romulus High School guard E. C. Matthews.

Nate Oats was the head coach at Romulus.

Bobby Hurley took to Oats coaching approach.

Upon Bobby Hurley promotion to Head Coach at the University of Buffalo, he reached back out to Nate Oats.

He was able to bring Nate Oats on board as an assistant coach at Buffalo.

In his two years as an assistant at Buffalo, Oats did a commendable job.


  1. Buffalo University achieved a 42–20 record
  2. They won their first Mid-American Conference tournament and made their first ever NCAA tournament appearance.
  3. Player Recruitment & Development
    • As an assistant at Buffalo, Oats was credited with recruiting Justin Moss
    • In the 2014–15 College season, Justin Moss won the MAC Player of the Year award.


Head Coach

On 2015-April-9th, Booby Hurley announced he would be leaving the University of Buffalo to take the reins at Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona.

Oats was named interim coach.

Danny White was the Athletic Director at the University of Buffalo.

Danny White reached out to the basketball team and inquired as to their comfort level with Nate Oats.

The Buffalo Bulls basketball team spoke with one voice that Nate Oats had their vote to have the interim removed from his name.

Danny White’s departing former head coach also casted a vote.

Booby Hurley promised he would recruit Nate Oats and take him with him to Arizona State if Danny White did not close the deal.

In a 2019 ESPN story on Oats, White recalled:-

“What stood out is the connections he had with our players. His reputation as a high school coach — most people I asked said he ran it like a Division I college program. Players had a strong relationship with him.”

Four days after the departure of Bobby Hurley, On 2015-April-13th, Nate Oats was officially awarded the head coach position at Buffalo University.

Oats starting salary was a quarter of a million ( $250, 000).

The Buffalo team that took to the floor in 2015 featured two players from Romulus players.

The players were:-

  1. Christian Pino
  2. Raheem Johnson

In his first season as head coach, Oats was able to coach his team to third place in their conference, Mid-American, during the regular season.

His team won the Mid-American tournament Championship.

Personnel Issues:-

Unfortunately, the team was a bit shorthanded.

  1. Justin Moss
    • 2015 MAC Player of the Year Justin Moss was dismissed from the University
  2. Shannon Evans
    • Shannon Evans, the second-leading scorer, transferred to Arizona State
    • He chose to go rejoin his former coach, Bobby Hurley
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama ( Crimson Tide men’s basketball )
Head Coach

On 2019-March-27th, Nate Oats became head coach at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

He has taken his team to the NCCA Tournament for two straight years.

In the 2021-2022 regular season, his second as head coach, Oats won the SEC Conference coach of the Year award.

The crimson tides won both the regular season and the conference championship.

For the first time since the 2018 season, the tide made the NCCA Tournament.

In the 2021-22 NCAA Tournament, made it as far as to the Sweet 16.

The lost to UCLA in overtime.

In February of 2021, two-years post his freshmen contract of 2019, Bama renewed Oats contract.

The 2021 contract increased his compensation to a yearly salary of $3.225 million.

Time of Writing

At the time of this writing ( 2023-January-18th ), Nate Oats has Alabama Crimson Tide ranked 4th in the Nation.

The incident happened the previous weekend.

On the following Tuesday ( 2023-January-17th), The Crimson Tide played University of Vanderbilt.



One of the things I am finding out about life is that it is telling how you meet people.

In most likelihood, outside of Nat Oats winning a national championship or coming close to one, I would not have heard of him.

I do not watch TV nor follow regular season play.

I only catch occasional glances at the box scores.

On Jamea Harris unfortunate and untimely passing, Darius Miles happens to be one of the perpetrators.

In turn, Darius Miles plays for Nat Oats at Alabama.

I was touched on how Nat Oats carries himself under the forced weight of life.

Who am I?

Nat Oats:-

  1. Fatherhood
    • I am a father to three girls
    • Lexie, Jocie and Brielle
  2. Husband
    • I am a husband
    • In November 2015, via Facebook he shared that wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma


  1. Jamea Harris
    • I have three daughters of my own
    • It is her loss that is the main thing
  2. Darius Miles
    • I have spoken to Darius Mile mother many times since the incident
  3. Ray Lewis
    • I have reached out to Ray Lewis
    • Ray Lewis faced criminal charges post an incident at a night club in Atlanta, Georgia



Nate Oats, Nathanael Justin Oats, happens to be a Christian.

As I often self reflect these days professing faith comes with its own headaches.

Yet, something tells me this man walks well with God and men.



Jerry Stackhouse

Jerry Stackhouse is the head basketball coach at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee.

Tuesday 2023-January-18th

The Tennessean

How Jerry Stackhouse used Alabama basketball Darius Miles’ murder charge in pregame speech


“I can’t believe it, I can’t fathom them even playing this game,” Stackhouse said. “My pregame speech, I may have even put a damper on it … because it was just like, man, we should just go out and honor the victims, honor this kid that we all know and have competed against whose life is changed forever. Just go out and be thankful. This game ain’t nothing, nothing.
“I’m so hurt for that kid’s family, that young lady’s family that didn’t feel like they were going to be losing their loved one … and we’re here to win a basketball game, so just be thankful that you have this opportunity to come out and compete. That’s all I said. You’ve got this opportunity and a kid that we got to know and compete against, that probably doesn’t ever happen for him again.”


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