Joe Budden:- Attracting what you put out


I really like the way Joe Budden said this…




Segment – You Get What You Put Out


Rod Wave Sold His Soul | The Joe Budden Podcast
Channel:- Joe Budden TV
Date Published:- 2022-January-24th
Date Added:- 2023-January-14th



Video Transcripts


Segment – You Get What You Put Out


Law in Music
You are going to be exposed
And, it is going to be bringing back what it is not supposed to
Cause that wasn’t you
Shout out to Elizabeth
Pump It Up
Def Jam was not feeling me
I was trying to get out of my contract
Roll your Back Yard
Kwame dud the beat
It was 2004
May be 2005
Never again where I am the deliverer of the bad feeling to me
You can’t play this shit if I don’t make it
That is what separate some n_ from some n_
for 300,000 it might be you
But, it will not be him
The price of admission is different for everybody
300K did not do it for me
I had more fun when I went and sat in the radio station for 250 K a year

He is young enough to figure this out and get around it

generate other revenue streams

we were the last ones to make money

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