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          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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  1. Prostitute interview-Chase
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Chase, a prostitute on Figueroa Street in South Central Los Angeles.
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        Date Published:- 2023-Janaury-13th
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Prostitute interview-Chase

Reaping What You Sow

3:34 it was some staff that cared and there

3:36 was some staff who just really didn’t

3:37 give a [ __ ] they had favoritism it was

3:40 just the system is no place for no kid

3:42 and that’s what I’m just gonna say

3:43 period

3:44 system is no place for no kid and to the

3:46 parents that do put their kids in the

3:48 system know that’s no place they need to

3:50 take responsibility for their actions

3:52 at the end of the day we reap what we

3:54 sow what we do is gonna happen to our

3:55 kids

3:57 and it’s just 10 times worse and we just

3:59 need to take responsibility and learn

4:00 how to talk to them because that’s what

4:02 I wanted my mom to do my mom didn’t talk

4:04 to me instead she let the system just

4:06 take me all the way

4:08 but I just wanted my mom to talk to me

4:10 I’m just this helpful helpless little

4:12 girl that wanted her mommy but she

4:14 didn’t get that she don’t have her daddy

4:18 are you concerned about your daughter

On My Dead Homies

8:15 I’m not this stupid I talk [ __ ] all day

8:17 about these so I’m like y’all be dealing

8:19 with these [ __ ] that say oh on a day

8:21 of homies how is you a pimp but you

8:23 saying on a dead homies a real pimp is a

8:26 Gentleman of Leisure either you’re gonna

8:28 pimp are you gonna gang bang either

8:30 you’re gonna be a gentleman a leisure

8:33 are you gonna be a gang banger what you

8:35 you got to choose one you can’t be both

8:38 when God girls is out there butt naked

8:40 you out there to protect her you’re not

8:42 out there to make it harder for her to

8:43 get money

8:44 that’s that’s not pimping that’s not

8:47 home

8:48 and you’re supposed to be and she’s

8:49 supposed to be a representation of you

8:52 well if you stand on a dead homies and

8:54 you just knocking [ __ ] out for no

8:55 reason you can’t chop her for knocking a

8:57 [ __ ] out for no reason because she sees

8:59 what you do and that’s what she’s doing

9:01 you cannot get mad the game has

9:04 deteriorated a lot oh yeah my folks he’s

Read Out

Prostitute interview-Chase

  1. Essence
    • Essence was my “turnout wifey
    • In the game, the person that brought you into the game, is called your “turnout wifey
    • She passed 3 months after her interview
    • When she passed, it hit me hard
  2. Reap Sowed ( Segment 3:52 )
    • At the end of the day, we reap what we sow
  3. Talk to Me
    • At the end of the day, I just wanted my mum to talk to me
    • I was just an helpless little girl, who wanted her mummy
  4. N_ in jail for no reason ( Segment 5:45 to 6:35 )
    • Stop playing, you know you want to do this
    • That is why a lot of N_ in jail for no reason
  5. Dead Homies
    • Be saying on my dead homies
    • Choose One
      • On dead homies
        • Gangbang
      • Gentleman of Lady of Leisure

Video Comments

Prostitute interview-Chase

  1. Lakesia Cook
    • I am honestly at a lost for words. I am her step-sister. We have tried helping her get off the streets and help her with her daughter. She is a grown woman and makes these decisions on her own. My mother is married to her father and I 1000% know her loves his daughter to death and has really tried to help his daughter but she has refused that help. We will always continue to reach out. We love you.



Prostitute interview-Chase


  1. Galatians 6:7 – Carry One Another’s Burdens ( Link )
    • Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.


  1. Job 4:8 – Eliphaz: The Innocent Prosper ( Link )
    • King James Bible
      • Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same.
    • Douay-Rheims Bible
      • On the contrary I have seen those who work iniquity, and sow sorrows, and reap them
  2. Job 15:35 – Eliphaz: Job Does Not Fear God ( Link )
    • Douay-Rheims Bible
      • He hath conceived sorrow, and hath brought forth iniquity, and his womb prepareth deceits.


  1. Hosea 10:13 – Retribution for Israel’s Sin ( Link )
    • Berean Study Bible
      • You have plowed wickedness, you have reaped iniquity; you have eaten the fruit of lies: because you did trust in your way, in the multitude of your mighty men.
    • Douay-Rheims Bible
      • On the contrary I have seen those who work iniquity, and sow sorrows, and reap them
    • New Living Translation
      • But you have cultivated wickedness and harvested a thriving crop of sins. You have eaten the fruit of lies— trusting in your military might, believing that great armies could make your nation safe.


  1. Ecclesiastes 9:11 – Enjoy Your Portion in This Life ( Link )
    • 11 I saw something else under the sun: The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; neither is the bread to the wise, nor the wealth to the intelligent, nor the favor to the skillful. For time and chance happen to all.

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