The First 48:- 2023 – January


  1. Deadly Betrayal
    • Profile
      • With Hurricane Jeanne threatening Miami, Sgt. Joe Schillaci and Det. Olga Rome must solve the murder of the owner of a popular strip club. The club’s surveillance video reveals three men ambushing the victim, in Season 2, Episode 5, “Deadly Betrayal.”
    • Listing
      • Season 2, Episode 5
    • Videos
      • The First 48: Solving the Murder of Popular Strip Club Owner (S2, E5) | Full Episode
        Channel:- A&E
        Date Published:- 2022-December-30th
        Date Added:- 2023-January-8th
  2. Desert Bones/Party’s Over
    • Profile
      • Detectives join anthropologist to determine the identity of a skeleton in the desert. And the shooting at a school party puts Detectives on the trail of a shooter wearing a ski mask, in Season 1, Episode 9, “Desert Bones/Party’s Over.”
    • Listing
      • Season 1, Episode 9
    • Videos
      • The First 48: Ski Mask Shooter Terrorizes School Party (S1, E9) | Full Episode
        Channel:- A&E
        Date Published:- 2022-December-2nd
        Date Added:- 2023-January-8th

Case File

Deadly Betrayal

  1. Participants
    • Victim
      • Robert Raley
    • Workers
      • James
    • Law Enforcement
      • Police
        • Sgt. Joe Schillaci
        • Det. Olga Rome
        • Det. Jose Rodriguez
        • Det. Kevin Ruggiero
      • Crime Lab
        • Rupert Butcher ( Latent Print Examiner )
      • Others
        • Johnny Messadu
        • Jean Mentor
        • Bob Placcid
    • Metadata
      • Businesses
        • Take 1 Lounge, Miami, Florida
      • AVIS Database


Video Transcripts

Deadly Betrayal

Det. Olga Rome

  1. Era [ Segment 10 to 10:40 minutes ]
    • It is such a senseless waste of life
    • The man is working hard, trying to make a living
    • He has owned a business for over 30 years
    • That is the just the era we are in right now
    • It is just senseless
  2. Hurricane
    • I have to take on the hurricane
    • And, I have to solve the murder

Sgt. Joe Schillaci

  1. Robert Railey Family
    • To them he was everything
  2. Voice
    • I have to be his voice
    • I have to tell his story


Robert Railey Wife

  1. Robert Railey Wife
    • He was our rock
    • He held everything together


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