Fiaz Hossain:- How can I help you?


I like this post from one of my favorite human beings? Fiaz Hossain.


Distinguished Architect – Security at

To all my wonderful #salesforce colleagues affected by the news this week… please let me know how I can help you.

– Can I put you in touch with a contact of mine?
– Can I write a LinkedIn recommendation for you?
– Do you just need a pick-me-up conversation?

I copied this post from a connection, and I encourage others to copy it from me. We are a community, and I’m happy to do my part to support you in any way possible.

#job #community #linkedin #help #payitforward #layoffs #ohana


I really do not like to give advices.

But, this post merits a bit of advice.

And, it will be to work so very much on yourself.

Pray and Hope to be safeguarded by likewise.

It helps you as you walk humbly before your Lord.

You walk.

And, others walk.

Through his grace.



Family, On God, I needed that.

Someone that has actually worked on himself.

Yet, he reaches out and asks “may I help you?

What a novel approach these days, someone who works so hard on themselves and their craft.

To me, it seems a God thing rather than the reverse.

People who will not work on themselves, yet reach out and say “may I help you?”

Furthermore, I must help you.

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