Delano Burkes:- Family Update – 2023 – January – Part 1


Let us give a quick update on the story of Delano Burkes.



  1. Crimes & Incidents:- 2023 – January – Part 1
    Date Posted:- 2022-December-31st




Stephen Burkes, the brother of Delano Burkes, was arrested in the morning of Friday 2023-January-6th.

He was arrested and charged with shooting two family members.

The family members shot are:-

  1. Karen Jeffley
    • Karen Jeffley is the mother of Delano Burkes, Pierre Burkes, and Stephen Burkes
    • Jeffley remains hospitalized in critical condition
  2. Karen Jeffley’s Boyfriend
    • Karen Jeffley’s boyfriend was shot dead


Medical Issues

Unfortunately, the suspect, Stephen Burkes, has a history of mental health issues.


Law Enforcement

Houston, Texas Police

Lt. R. Willkens

“We have one adult male, I believe in his 50’s deceased on the scene,” said Lt. R. Willkens from the scene Friday morning. “We have another female, who is in her mid-40’s, who has been shot numerous times. She’s in a local hospital. We’re praying for her.””Our suspect has had mental problems in the past,” said Lt. Wilkens.

“They were thinking he was acting strange today and somehow got a hold of a pistol. We don’t exactly know how it occurred or what occurred, but we do believe that he’s the one that shot his mother and the male. [We’re] not sure in what order.”



FOX 26 Houston

  1. Brother of Delano Burkes accused of shooting their mother
    • Profile
      • FOX 26 Reporter Matthew Seedorff has the exclusive report.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- FOX 26 Houston
        Date Published:- 2023-January-6th
        Date Added:- 2023-January-7th


Gentle Beloved.

Yes, I will love to tell you otherwise.

But, if you look at some of my recent posts, you will notice a bit of darkness.

Evil, Negativity, deception, lying, gossiping, backstabing, double dealing is the new norm.

Satan is fully enthroned, yet masquraded as a source of light, infomation, and revelation.

For those in Godly light, may God stay loving, covering, and protective; as he is.


There are those deserving of commendation; inclusive:-

  1. Sheila Jackson Lee
    • Congresswoman, US House of Reps
  2. Matthew Seedorff
    • Fox 26 Reporter


Referenced Work

  1. Fox 26
    • EXCLUSIVE: Brother of missing person recently found dead, arrested Friday for shooting 2 family members


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