Allen Parr:- Mark Todd – 2023 – January


Mark Todd


  1. I have SERIOUS Concerns About Mike Todd After This
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      • Mike Todd is the pastor of Transformation Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. However, after careful observation of his doctrine and conduct, I can no longer recommend Mike Todd as a pastor or preacher. Here is why. 
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        Channel:- THE BEAT by Allen Parr
        Date Published:- 2023-January-7th
        Date Added:- 2023-January-7th


My Quick Take


I really did not want to watch this video as I like both of these men of God.

But, it was of God to watch it.

It was a hard one for Allen Parr to speak on Mike Todd.

I think culturally they speak to the same congregant.

Hope for same goodness.

Yet Allen Parr sees that if Mike Todd is not careful, a couple of things can happen.


  1. The enemy can creep in
  2. Mike Todd can expose those he loves to scrutiny that would otherwise not be directed towards them; and they may very well not have sufficient spiritual covering on
  3. Mike Tood can speak to specific audiences in terms of culture and age group, but these things do not stay within our original intended

I think and hope that Allen Parr has reached out privately before going public.

Always in prayer, fellowship, solitary, and hope for those that labor in Godly care.

I personally do not see and view this as condemnation.

But, as a watchman.

Allen Parr to Mike Todd:-

Please take care of these areas. I will speak on it in love and hope. I will not go beyond my brotherly assignment as I was sure to be consecrated.


It is assumed that we will speak on those on the complete other end of the pole from us.

And, that we will offer those close to us more cover.

But, yet, when God calls us, it is often to our tribe-men.

When issues first arises, we are much more useful within our tribe.

We are less likely to go against them idealogically, but in approach and subtleties.

We will offer them more grace and speak in nuances.

Looked another way, when we are racially and culturally aligned, we know how hard the other person worked.

How long they toiled.

And, so we say, I do not really want you to bend this way.

It is painful to both you and I.

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