Odele Desmuke Hawkins:- Club Membership


Club Membership


This is a club to which no one wishes to belong indeed. As a club member, sending love, light and strength to one of my heroes.

Tennis great Martina Navratilova fighting ‘double whammy’ cancer diagnosis


By the nature of the work that I do for a living, I am very impersonal.

The ultimate introvert.

Just get me a laptop and be sure to keep me out of place.

Out of the way.

Out of seeing eyes.

Out of talking mouths.

Out of needy ears.

I will just rather talk to myself.

Talk to computers rather than humans.

Less he say, she say.

Some people do computers, because they like computers.

I do computers, because I like people a lot less.

I find computers more righteous.

Less conniving.

More impersonal.

I need less intermediaries.

Less go betweens.

Less Language Check.

Happenstance, I try not to meet people.

Know people.

Yet in the middle of all that.

The way God created this world is that he has a few billion people in it.

Say, you will meet a few people along the way.

Before you cross your Jordan.

I hope and pray that you meet some of your Jordanites.

Some of your tribe people.

If for nothing sake, you can claim I know Bro.

I know she.

Tell God, I already know her.

No need for an Intro.



Always in prayer, meditation, co-living, and accountable to and with those going through it.

As well as their givers and takers – caregivers and caretakers.

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