Paolo Banchero On Kevin Durant


JJ Redick

  1. Paolo Banchero On Getting Humbled By Guarding Kevin Durant
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      • In this clip, Paolo Banchero (The Orlando Magic) talks about how difficult it is to guard Kevin Durant (The Brooklyn Nets).
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        Date Added:- 2022-December-21st
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Josh Carson JC3

  1. Kevin Durant vs Bol Bol was like Watching Aliens Take Over the Basketball World 🤯
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Video Transcripts

Paolo Banchero On Getting Humbled By Guarding Kevin Durant


1:09 but the other way around though I mean
1:10 playing against KD I think
1:13 um was was kind of my little welcome to
1:15 the NBA moment you know I guard them for
1:18 most of that game
1:19 and it was really just nothing you could
1:21 do I mean like
1:23 you know some guys like get to the line
1:24 a bunch or you know play with the refs
1:27 and get calls and like you know that’s
1:29 how to get you know 14 points from the
1:31 line or whatever but like KD was
1:33 straight business like it wasn’t saying
1:36 nothing to the refs you know it was
1:38 getting to the line I think he hit like
1:39 four or five free throws but he had 45
1:41 so most of those was buckets and I think
1:44 he missed five shots that game
1:47 and so just experiencing that and like
1:50 having to guard them
1:51 and just kind of being like he was the
1:53 first player I think I’ve guarded in my
1:55 life for
1:56 it was like
1:57 it’s just nothing I could do you know
1:59 usually Guy can make some shots on me
2:01 but I can flush through him a little bit
2:03 you know I can you know get into him
2:05 make a miss here and there but that was
2:06 just like he don’t he don’t even see me
2:09 right now like I’m trying to cut him off
2:11 I’m trying to he’s just out there like
2:12 no I’m still gonna get to this spot I’m
2:14 still gonna rise up so it was crazy man
2:16 but
2:18 um yeah seeing that in person this is
2:21 why this is this is why players love
2:23 Kevin this is why every player thinks
2:25 Kevin is great and one of the all-time
2:29 greats and we talked about this Kevin
2:31 last year when we brought up he’s like
2:34 he’s he’s in a league of his own in some
2:36 ways and we could argue I’m not going to
2:38 do it here because I’d get in trouble
2:39 every time I do it we can argue about
2:42 uh is it Giannis is it Steph is it Luca
2:45 is it whoever is but whatever KD I think
2:49 it’s what you mentioned it’s the the
2:52 business of getting buckets
2:55 if that’s the goal of basketball
3:00 it’s it’s just oh yeah like like I said
3:04 all those guys is great players you know
3:06 but like in terms of a guy who you can’t
3:10 stop like you can you know
3:13 double team of Guy you can pack the
3:16 paint on a guy and like make it
3:17 difficult for him but like with KD
3:19 there’s really nothing you can do like
3:21 he’s gonna has he pull from three so you
3:24 gotta guard that if you jump on that
3:27 he’s gonna hesitate you and get to the mid
3:28 range
3:29 then he’s gonna get to the basket like
3:31 he’s seven feet you know he’s he’s
3:33 shooting over centers like the one shot
3:35 he had against us that really just made
3:37 me like I usually guys do you know great
3:40 plays in the game on the opposite team
3:41 and I’m just like all right let’s go
3:42 like take the ball out let’s go but like
3:44 a couple hits buckets I’m like sitting
3:46 there pausing for a second my God damn
3:48 now here Baseline Fade Away over bol
3:51 and bol like full-on can test like
3:53 jumped and tried to block it and I’ve
3:56 seen guys you know he’s flustered a lot
3:58 of great Shooters so far and KD just
4:00 didn’t see him it was just cash right



You can tell special people by the way they carry themselves.

Especially, the way they carry other people.

People who are going to have lives outside of their primary professional.

May God bless the child who God makes his own.

The Kevin Durant, Paolo Banchero.

Last Word

Deservingly, I am going to let  ___, Josh Carson JC3, have the last word.


Psalm 119:165 ( Link )

Much peace have they that love thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block

Isaiah 32:17 ( Link )

And the work of justice shall be peace, and the service of justice quietness, and security for ever.

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