Jerry Jones, Alexandra Davis:- Paternity Discussion


Jerry Jones knows good investment opportunities.

In 1989, he brought America’s Team, The Dallas Cowboys, for $150 million.

As of today, December 2022, the Dallas Cowboys is worth $8 billion dollars.

About 27 years ago, in 1995, Jerry Jones met Cynthia Spencer Davis.

At the time, Cynthia Davis was an American Airlines Ticket Agent.

She worked out of Little Rock, Arkansas.



Time:- 1995

  1. Don Jack noted that he gave Cynthia Spencer Davis a lump sum payment of $375,000 in 1995.

Time:- 1996-December-16th  ( Alexandria Davis’ Birth )

Child Support


Payments totalling:-

  1. Jones gave Cynthia Davis “monthly payments for child support which ultimately totaled over $2 million.”

The payments were made via two trusts:-

  1. Already Made
    • $1.2 million over the past 25 years
  2. Trust Payments Planned
    • When Cynthia Davis is 26 years old
    • When Cynthia Davis is 28 years old


  1. Schooling
    • University
      • Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas ( SMU )

Extravagant Items

  1. 16th Birthday
    • Car
      • $70,000 Range Rover
    • “Sweet 16” Birthday Party
      • $33,00 Birthday Party Celebration
  2. Trips Abroad
    • Paris, France
      • Christmas Vacation
        • $25,000
    • Unknown Destination
      • College Graduation
        • $24,000



Legal Agreement Annulment Lawsuit

On March 3rd 2022, Alexandra Davis filed a lawsuit asking for a legal agreement that Jerry Jones and her mother had made before her birth be anulled.

Be set aside, so to speak.


Paternity Lawsuit


In April 2022, Alexandra Davis ammended the original lawsuit.

The ammendment is that rather than to annul the original agreement, her desire now is to determine paternity.

That is determine whether Jerry Jones is her ( Alexandra Davis ) father.

  1. Bound To An Agreement
    • Alexandra Davis filed a paternity lawsuit because she has been forced to abide by a confidentiality agreement that was signed by her mother.
    • Alexandra Davis was one year old when the agreement was signed, and she wanted the court to rule that she should no longer be bound by it.
  2. Acknowledge Father
    • According to the paternity lawsuit, Alexandra Davis just wants to have a father she can acknowledge.
    • “It is hard to imagine what could be less in the best interest of a child than to enforce [confidentiality] agreements that leave a child without a father and which prevent or legally punish a child from even stating who her father is,” her lawsuit states
  3. Identity Disclosure
    • “The combined effects of the aforementioned [confidentiality] agreements and Cynthia’s divorce proceedings resulted in Plaintiff never having a legal father,” the lawsuit stated. “To add incredible insult to injury, Plaintiff has had to spend her entire life hiding and concealing who her real father is. Defendant Jones’ only role in Plaintiff’s life to date other than to shun her, has been to coerce her from ever disclosing his identity.”


Associate judge T. Jones Abendroth wrote that she would grant Alexandra Davis’ request for Jerry Jones to submit to genetic testing “after careful consideration


Quick Observation

Jerry Jones


  1. Trust
  2. Upkeep
  3. Parenting


I think the broken trust hurts Jerry Jones and his associates.

Likely as Jerry Jones et all sees it, we did our part.

Jerry Jones carried on the affair.

The affair culminated in a love child.



Upon initial meeting, even before the child was born, Jerry Jones setup funds to make sure that Cynthia Davis had some money for self care.



Jerry Jones also knows that he will never get back those years of missed parenting.

Giving money is such a tiny part.

Cynthia Spencer Davis


  1. Upkeep
  2. Parenting


Ms. Cynthia Davis kept both herself and her daughter well



She raised a good daughter that both she and Jerry Jones can be proud of.

The daughter, Alexandria Davis, is a University graduate and she is now gainfully employed.



Jerry Jones knows football.

The lexicons:-

  1. Punting the ball
  2. Interception
  3. Fumble

If this is an area that he needs to tidy up, I pray the holiness of God allows him to be just and participate in its tidying up.

It is really not something you want to leave behind for the wife and children.

He, Jerry Jones, has been just, caring, and merciful.

Our God is far more so.



  1. ESPN
    • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paid millions to woman who filed paternity lawsuit, lawyer says
    • Jerry Jones, owner of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, ordered to undergo a paternity test
  3. CBS
    • CBS Sports
      • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones ordered to take paternity test amid legal dispute with 26-year-old woman
  4. Daily Mail
    • Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is hit with paternity suit from woman, 25, claiming the 79-year-old is her dad and he paid her mom – an American Airlines ticket agent – to stay silent

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