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          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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Street Strong

Crystal Meth is a Wonder Drug-Ronnie

  1. Crystal Meth is a Wonder Drug-Ronnie
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Tyrell, a male stripper in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2022-December-12th
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Video Transcripts

Street Strong

Crystal Meth is a Wonder Drug-Ronnie

  1. Early Childhood
    • Born in New York City
    • It was a small family of 4
    • Inclusive of Father, Mother, older brother ( 9 years old ), and myself ( 8 years old )
    • Grew up in the project
    • Brother drowned in the East Point River
    • Power Company, Edison, found the body after about a week
    • The turmoil of the drowning experience resulted in Ronnie’s family moving from New York to Los Angeles
    • Ronnie was 8 years old then
  2. Grew up
    • Grew up in California
    • He is now 55 years old
  3. Run Away
    • Get into it with alcholic father
    • Was 11 and 12 years old at the time
    • Get and Stay out of the house
    • Be gone for 2 months
    • Slowing Killing Mum
  4. Crack Cocaine
    • Introduced to Crack Cocaine by Dad
    • Father got a settlement from his employer
    • His employer was Western Union and father was delivering telegrams
    • Back then they had telegrams
    • Well Father ran into a mishap on the job
    • Seemed a lot of money at the time, $7000
    • It was 1983 and Crack Cocaine was making its way into Los Angeles


Video Comments

Street Strong

Crystal Meth is a Wonder Drug-Ronnie

  1. lLiear V
    • Ronnie isn’t lying about drug addicts being discriminated against by EMS. I’m a paramedic for most of my career I worked in Miami and didn’t see much of that until I went to Connecticut. And there were many paramedics who believed that we either should not treat the people who overdosed or that they should delay treatment. Many of the reasons were for their own political and personal beliefs. I definitely quit as soon as I could. Moral of the story is you guys need to take care of yourselves.
  2. T R
    • You’re a captivating storyteller, Ronnie. I feel like you would be a good singer. Your mom finally got her wish too because you are a decent person now.
  3. A K
    • Him talking about letting his mom down really hit me. I don’t want to let my parents down and I feel like that’s all I’ve done. It’s hard sometimes but all we can do is try to fix ourselves so the people we love can be at peace. Have a good week everybody.
  4. Blue Skies Media
    • I really started struggling with addiction after my wife’s death. She was all I had. Nowadays, I’ve been praying for death everyday since then. I self medicate to cope with the pain and crippling depression. Otherwise I would have deleted myself already. Stay strong bro. I don’t know the answers but I do know the pain of loss.
  5. Anthony Mangino
    • You’re a real one Ronnie! It makes me feel more connected to know there’s another wolf with a good heart in the world. You’re solid and gained some real wisdom. Your mama is proud and she understands your heart You’re gonna be with her again, love never goes anywhere, things just change form. Good dude, thanks for your honesty!
    • PamBeforeTheStorm
      • Love your comment, so true! ❤️
        • Anthony Mangino
          @PamBeforeTheStorm Once in a “Blue Moon” there is a resonance. Like the planets align for a moment. The clarity of truth is undeniably powerful and beautiful.♥️ You know.
  6. Sonny Calzone
    • This dude is the truth man what a life story. How open he is . Salute man ! You can be a better person each day ! Keep on keeping on ..Nothing changes if nothing changes
  7. Debra Castrinos
    • Your personality is open, and you are approachable and friendly. You are also very easy to talk with. That’s the reason why some people think you are a target. But then they learn about your ability to realize when someone is getting ready to take advantage of you. Please don’t ever change or lose your personality.
  8. robert felts
    • I love this channel. Most of these stories remind me how cruel capitalism is. Happiness to many is getting food, having save shelter, and being connected to their community while not abandoning themselves. American mythology will be corrected with real stories like these
  9. David Snyder
    • This is an amazing man. To go through so much and being born into an environment which he has very little control over. I just prayed a prayer for this nice man. I hope he would be granted a good life and be able to make the best decisions possible given his circumstances. Most NDE folks (Near Death Experiencers) say we come here from Heaven with a plan to learn things before we even leave there. We come to experience hardship and to learn what love is….what patience is…etc. If that’s true, this man came to learn a LOT in one trip to Earth. I pray he’s successful at learning everything he set out to learn and he makes it back home to be with Father and our Lord and live a blissful eternal life ❤️🙏😊 I’ve felt God’s love several times….I’d give up anything just to have that. You can’t find it here on Earth….only from him❤️😊
  10. Gene Gene
    • Unlike the vast majority in society, Ronnie has learned what matters in life. His life experiences have taught him humility, unselfishness, and compassion. Ronnie, your circumstances will change. Continue… “To Thine, ownself be true, ALWAYS.”
  11. Lipstik_ Bulletz
    • I love all your interviews but once in a while there’s a special one that for some reason or another completely draws me in or pulls my heart strings. He seems like a good guy. But again there’s something extra special about him and I KNOW he can beat that addiction and live an amazing life
  12. koffinkat666
    • This man has done a mountain of Drugs and listen to the knowledge he has, His mind is still there…..His mind is still so full of power even after all the drugs. Drugs interact with some people different, Some people go INSANE permanently just from a few years of Stimulants. Strange world.
  13. Melanie
    • Thank you for sharing your story. I know those streets, unfortunately. God’s grace brought me out alive. Keep the faith ❤️
  14. florida ginger
    • God bless that little boy that witnessed his brother drowning, and then had to deliver that news to his mother.
      God bless the man, that you are today. You do not have to live with guilt. It was not your fault. We good to yourself in the way that only you can.
  15. Bridget Broomfield
    • I WAS IN LOCKDOWN FOR TWO YEARS. I so love this perspective, this guy, this channel. Makes me want to figure out how to be of service to more people.
  16. Son Quatsch
    • him for his introspection.

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