Spirit of Darkness:- Introduction


This is a tough one for me.

But, because something is tough, does not mean it is not complementary.



Some Godly people are being impacted with the Spirit of Darkness.


You ask me “Why will Godly people be tormented with Darkness“?

Here are some reasons:-

  1. Generational
  2. Sent Darkness
  3. Sitting Under Darkness
  4. Opened Doors
  5. Called Life
  6. Anointed Living


Unfortunately, starting from the Garden of Evil, Satan has been able to approach mankind, tempt man, and make inroads.


Sent Darkness

I will like to tell you otherwise, but your fellowman has the ability and capability to send darkness to your life.


Sitting Under Darkness

Each of us has to be very careful who we listen to.
Who we are taught by.


Opened Doors

Unfortunately, we ourselves can let darkness into our lives.


Called Life

Beloved, once you are called, the dark world takes notice.
So, please, please safeguard yourself.


Anointed Living

Beloved, once you are anointed, the Dark world starts to trek you.
It starts to build opposition against you.
A file is opened on you.
Just about all of us will be flabbergasted as to what the enemy has collected on us.



Beloved when you feel the spirit of darkness in your life.

As well as in others, please review the outline above.

Always remember, moments of darkness, or ever presence of darkness, does not materialize to God not being with you.

It is really your God overt love prompting your awareness.

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