Jalen Kitna:- Prosecution


Jalen Kitna, a backup quarter backup at the University of Florida, was recently arrested.

His parents, Jon and Jennifer, were with him at his court appearance.



Jalen Kitna

Jalen Kitna played four games for the Florida Gators this season.

He is a redshirt freshman; that is he is actually a sophomore.

He did not play as a freshman in his first year.

In the four games that he played he completed 10 of 14 passes.

Cumulatively his passes gained 181 years.

And, one pass went all the way for a touchdown.

Jon Kitna

Jon Kitna, Jalen Kitna’s father, played 14 years in the NFL.

He played for Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, and Dallas Cowboys.

In total, he started 124 games.

His day job is currently as a High School football coach in Burleson, Texas.

Burleson, Texas is a city right outside of Fort Worth, Texas.



The charges:-

  1. Second-degree felonies
    • Prison Term:- 15 years
    • Fine:- Up to $10,000
  2. Third-degree felonies
    • The other three are third-degree felonies.

Defense Attorney

The family is being represented by:-

  1. Ron Kozlowski
    • Gainesville, Florida Attorney
  2. Hank Coxe
    • Jacksonville, Florida
    • Has a strong history in cases involving high-profile athletes.


My Take

Here is my quick take.


Stay Together

Be parents.

Stay together.

Be together for the sake of each other.

And, your children.



Family, speak with each other.

Speak with one voice.


Spiritual Warfare

The Devil is real.

Satan is alive.

He is ever present.

It is immaterial whether you are offline or online.



Family, please practice a bit of temperance.

You never know who is on the other side of your computer.

It could be one person.

It could be a multitude of people.

It could be the whole world.

So please be careful and cautious.


God’s Care

Praying God’s care for the children being sexualized in these images.

Praying God’s care for the Kitna family.

Praying God’s care for those who God will call on to stand with all involved.

Praying for their covering, sharing in truth, strength in numbers and trustworthiness.

Hedge in the season of the locust.


Referenced Work

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    • Florida QB Jalen Kitna released on bond as details of child pornography case emerge
  2. Tampa Bay Times
    • Details revealed in Florida Gators QB Jalen Kitna’s child pornography case

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