Helping The Grieving


It is the Holiday Season.

Yet, life is still occurring around us.

Unfortunately, in some cases in rapid and toiling ways.

In this post, we will cover how to help each other.



  1. Don’t
    • Don’t Take
    • Don’t be about you
    • Don’t assume
  2. Do
    • Trustworthy
    • Empathy
    • Economical
    • Considerate
    • Prayerfully
    • Safeguard
    • Humility
    • Discernment


Let us cover the Don’t First.

The devil uses loss and pain to take from each of us.

In reading through the Holy Book, one will find Satan try to gain grounds when people are and have experienced loss.

When people have experienced pain, it is easy for people to pie it on.

Seeking advantages.

Seeking to hold a higher ground.

It is important for people of God to discern and not collude with Satan.

It is important not to show up on behalf of Satan when we know he is working.




Please be trustworthy.

When you say you will do something do it.

Do it well.

Do it briefly.

That is, please do not take too much time to take care of things.



Have empathy for people.



Please be very economical with your words and your ways.



Be considerate of people.

Keep good people.

Rid yourself of the not so good.



Please be very prayerful.

Ask God to help the grieved.

Petition God to help you.



Please partner with God to safeguard people.

There is a lot of evil in this world.

There is a lot of sneakiness in this world.

Pray and Train for discernment.



Thankfully, I know a lot of people who have done very well in life.

Some of them are very rich.

Some of them are very industrial.

Some of them are very intellectually smart.

Some of them were born will natural beauty.

Some indued with lifting grace.

Instinctively, I knew I had to be very humble around them.

Because of God’s wealth in them, I am also learning most of them honestly just don’t need my help.

In such cases, receiving help from me, is just needless headache to them.



Immaterial of how noble your efforts, there are many that will not want any part of it.

Ask God for wisdom and insight, so you do not force or coerce those who God has called for a different purpose.


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