Maurice Clarett:- Getting Even


In 2022, Maurice Clarett was a freshman playing football for the Buckeyes.

He played running back for the Ohio State team that won the national championship.

Unfortunately, he got kicked off the team.

Because of his age he could not immediately enter into the NFL Draft.

A year or so removed, he entered training camp for the Denver Broncos but was cut before the beginning of the season.

Depression got a hold of him and drove him to his demons.

Arrested and convicted of armed robbery on a lady, he fetched 7 years.

As some states have you serve about half of your term, he got his one way after serving 3 years.

The year of his release is 2010.

20 years late here he is.




2019 – March – 26th






  1. Maurice Clarett: No Days Wasted | College GameDay
    • Profile
      • In 2002, Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett dominated for one season on the field. But as Gene Wojciechowski reports, after Clarett’s life veered off track, his story has now become one of redemption.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- ESPN College Football
        Date Published:- 2022-November-26th
        Date Added:- 2022-November-26th

Video Transcripts

Maurice Clarett: No Days Wasted | College GameDay

  1. Head Clear
    • Set my mind to something
    • Hold my head clear
  2. Getting Even
    • I once heard a quote
    • It goes do not worry about getting even with those who hurt you.  Worry about getting even with those who help you





Ashley Evans

Always in dedication to the Ashley Evans’.

Ashley Evans is Maurice Clarett’s girlfriend and the mother of his daughter.

Jayden Clarett

Jayden Clarett, the ones who call you Daddy.

Lets you close the door on the world when you get home.


Support System

Warren Buffet

Learn to smile at people.

Learn to laugh with people.

You got a cheerleader, Warren Buffet.

A giving pledge co-signer.



Sean Taylor

Those we have lost in our communities.

In 2007, Sean Taylor was in his Miami home, ambushed and shot by intruders.

He transitioned on November 27th, 2007.


Referenced Work

  1. Wikipedia


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